iPhone left and returned without me last night, several times

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Hello everyone, looking for a little help. I’ve been running my ST setup for about 6 months now with little issues until last night. Yesterday I bought and setup 3 of the GE Link bulbs, no problems. I used two as my night stand lights and setup the app to turn them on automatically when I arrive home and it is dark out. Last night I woke up several times to those lights being on. This morning I checked into it only to find that overnight my iPhone showed as leaving and arriving about 6 times. This also had the effect of unlocking my front door for me. My iPhone was charging on my nightstand the whole time so I am not sure what is going on. Looking back through the activity log for my iPhone it looks like last night was the first time this has happened.

I don’t think I changed anything else in my system, I did update my iPhone to the new IOS but that was over a week ago. The other thread discussing this seemed to have more to do with moving and issues with cached geo-location data but I can’t see that being an issue with me. Anyone else have a problem like this and hopefully a solution?



My wife’s phone had similar issues a few days ago. It said she was about 5 miles away…when she hadn’t moved at all from the house.

Yeah, I have had it happen a couple times the past couple days where I am away from home and not even mess with the app and I open up another app and it says it is opening my garage door due to me arriving but I had not even left where I was and not even close to open. I had to quickly disarm my house and then shut the garage door and then I rearmed my security.

I’m having the opposite problem - my wife’s phone never left the house over the last two days. Of course, she was in an out all day Sunday and worked today. Thankfully, I don’t have anything hooked to her phone as I’m still learning and only have one motion and two door sensors at this point. Which, if things don’t get any better, sadly may be all I ever get.

Seems to be a problem with the Presence sensing of iPhones…

Same here. My phone leaves and then returns which triggers all of these events. So is this a problem with SmartThings or iOS8?

My Android (old) usually comes and goes on its own at least once a day. I have a 10min delay set in before “Goodbye” is activated, so far that has been enough of a delay.