Iphone integration

Hello everyone. I’m sorry if this has been asked before. I searched and couldn’t find a direct answer.

Do I lose anything by switching to an iPhone to control the house compared to an android device?

Thank you all in advance.

There are a few features which are Android only, and a few more which work only with some Samsung Galaxy phone models (like integration with the Galaxy SmartTag +).

Off the top of my head, the most obvious is that the Labs feature has a number of additional options under Android, including a virtual switch creator, which are not available in the iOS model.

Also, there are some Bluetooth integrations which are only available in Android.

@Automated_House or @Brad_ST might know more.

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It also depends if it’s a Galaxy android device or not. Galaxy devices have the personal devices section for Bluetooth devices and they also have Linked places so you can run automations for locations other than the main one.

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The iOS app is terrible - slow, laggy, fails to update, fails to control.

The IOS version presence sensing is also not working properly since the iOS 15 upgrade.

Thank you very much. For presence sensing believe it or not I have been using life 360 ever since ST gave me an issue.

Looks like we are staying with Android.

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You may want to edit your post and remove your personal info. Most likely, you responded by email which attached a signature file. :slight_smile:

Also, presence works fine on my iPhone.

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Removed. Thank you. You are correct. I replied with email.