iPhone as proximity device not working

I’ve added my iPhone, but it doesn’t seem to be showing any coming/going status, but instead it shows another family member’s iPhone coming/going even though their device is not added. Could somebody advise what’s wrong, please?

I was having some of the same issues using phones for proximity. I was instructed to have each phone log into the app using a different e-mail address. Once I did that it worked wonderful.
Hope this works!

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Elemonster is right. Each phone must be logged in using seperate credentials. Then each phone needs to be added as a presence sensor while logged into their seperate credentials. This should have each phone showing up as a seperate person coming and going.

Thanks folks, I’ll look into how to use different accounts. Thanks!

It’s really easy. In the IOS app select “more” at the bottom, select manage users, and add a user. Enter their email address and they will receive an invitation to join your account. They use the email address you sent the invitation to and create their own password. They use that to log into the IOS app and viola, that’s all there is to it.

Thanks @PhilB, that worked, and I’m able to see their respective iPhones showing as separate proximity devices. Appreciate your help!