IPDatatel Zigbee Alarm Panel Communicator

I purchased an IPD-BAT ZK which allows my allarm panel to communicate to central monitoring as VOIP would not work. The communicator I bought says that it is Zigbee compatible. The IPDatatel sells their own hub to integrate Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. On their hub you can get a virtual alarm panel and email and text alerts.

I can’t find anything in the community about this, but I am wondering whether this module can be integrated with Smartthings.


I have the IP Datatel Bat (Cell/Ethernet), but I could not confirm if this product has a zwave or zigbee protocol. I would love to get this to work with ST. Can anyone confirm if it does have a protocol? I know they have Gateway 3.0 that is a smart hub in its own.

I was told by my alarm company that it is zigbee. I too would be interested in connecting this to ST.

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Has anyone integrated IPDatatel into ST? I would love to be able to do this.

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