IPad vs iPhone for IOT setup, 2023

Just wanted to pass along an observation.

Ever since iOS 16.4 came out, I am finding that quite a few devices that I used to be able to add from an iPad, now have to be added from an iPhone. Even things like my ring doorbell, which I definitely added with an iPad last time.

When I try to do it with an iPad, it just hangs and then eventually doesn’t connect. Do the exact same process on an iPhone and it goes right through.

I don’t know if there’s some new security protocol built-in, or if there’s some setting I have that I haven’t discovered yet, but this is definitely a real phenomenon and has affected multiple devices of multiple brands.

And it’s not about 2.4 versus 5 MHz both devices were on the exact same Network.

So I just wanted to mention it in case anybody else runs into this.

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start off by saying I have iOS 16.5 (beta 2 arrived today) on my iPad. I tested a zigbee motion sensor and a Meross smart plug (both new) and was able to add on the iPad.

so if there is an issue with 16.4… it should be resolved by the time you get to 16.5.

sorry…don’t have Ring to test.

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