iOS ST Mobile Client Freezes On Startup

I’m running the latest iOS ST mobile app (the one that just updated) and both my iPad and iPhone freezes on load up for about 5-10 seconds while it loads up the device information.

It’s not something specific to this new version but has been happening for a while now and was hoping that it would have been fixed with this update. I have 79 devices and growing. When the app starts up it hangs for a few seconds and completely frozen from any interactions until all devices information is downloaded.

iPad mini 4 v13.3.1

iPhone X v13.3.1

I’ve hidden ALOT just to get around this. Helps, but not optimal.
Having a real issue with the Smartthings Cam. Often freezes and only fix is to restart the app. Really annoying.

This defeats the purpose. I like the list of all devices because it’s like a control center for me to scroll through all of the activities around the location.

The app needs to do a better job with background retrieval of data and updating the interface

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