iOS Presence not working and Automations with presence not editable

I just moved over to the new app on two iPhones. Automations that have presence conditions are now not editable “NETWORK ERROR Couldn’t add automation CANCEL/RETRY” message.

Presence doesn’t seem to work at all anymore. I can’t figure out where to check history of state change.

Exactly the same problem here.

Automations that are presence related no longer work at all.

Even worse I can’t see the location status of any of my devices so I have no idea if they are home or away. Is there no way to see this?

You can see the status in the IDE. Also I see when I come and go in the "Messages’.

I had this same issue a couple of weeks back, but it ‘fixed’ itself and has been working fine for the last week or more.


Messages does not show any device leaving and arriving for me.

IDE does show the status however.

Having this problem as well after migration. I was able to edit it initially, but now I keep getting that error. Automations based on presence sensors also don’t work for me.

This seems ridiculous that after all this time with the new app, Samsung still can’t get basic features that were working perfectly in Classic ported. An now they are officially disabling Classic in 2 months!!!

When is this going to get fixed?!

Are you able to create new automations? If yes, create a new one to replace the one you can not edit and then remove the non-editable one.

I did that, but presence automations will not longer work. Presence updates correctly in the IDE, but automations will not fire. Correction, they will fire once, but never again. Even tried simple automation based on presence, send a notification. It will work one time and then never again.

Thats the same thing problem Im having. I finally got life 360 working and use that as a work around. I would rather not have to do a work around