iOS Notification Widget just flashes red when clicking

When I tap on a hello home action, the background of the icon just goes red and nothing happens. Is there any way for me to debug what’s happening?

I inquired what the green and red indicate. Basically, green indicates the action was performed successfully, red means it failed. Try removing and re-adding the widget as perhaps you renamed the Hello Home Action? If that doesn’t fix it, open a support ticket.

What does the Hello Home Action do? If it changes the mode, see this:

I believe if your iPhone is locked it does not execute the action. Once it is unlocked, I was able to run the actions just fine

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Yea may wife reported some failures when she used it. You would think it would just try until it succeeds.

Ah that might be Apple’s fault. They might not let widgets write data while the phone is locked. Another reason why passcode lock is way to restrictive. Why wouldn’t I be able to have siri launch a music app when I’m in my car, instead I have to take my phone out and interact with it which is not safe.

I was able to execute widgets when my phone was locked. I just tested it.

I guess it just failed then. Should keep trying in the background.

Yep, if your phone is locked it will not execute. I’m ok with that:)

I think there is a time out here. It will work if you lock and then instantly try. Wait an hour… Nope

I just tested again with a different widget with my phone locked and it did work.

What other widget do you have that controls ST?

I use the IFTTT Do button widget to control ST. :blush:

When I said different widget, I meant another Hello Home Phrase. However, I was using the IFTTT’s “Do” app, but now I just use ST.

I can confirm a long locked phone does produce the “Red” widget response. I am working with support on it, but they are busy trying to tackle the Mobile Presence issue first.

I’m pretty sure that’s a security feature, then. If my phone’s stolen I sure don’t want the thief messing with my lights or unlocking/opening doors!


Agreed, but it would be nice to know what the settings are and understand them better.

Most definitely! For bonus points, allow us to specify which actions are allowed to fire when the phone is locked. =)

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Yea i’ve wished for a while for a white list. There’s a very small list of things I want to do without having to unlock my phone and it will not let me.

I created a garage door widget: trigger the “garage door” action to turn on the garage door switch (it is a momentary switch so it turns off again right away but the door opens/closes). The widget works now just like a regular one-button remote for the garage door.

After the latest iOS app update (2.2 I think) I can’t trigger routines through the notification widget. So to be clear:

Phone locked: red flash (doesn’t execute)
Phone unlocked app closed: red flash (doesn’t execute)
Phone unlocked app open: green flash (executes)
Phone unlocked app opened and then quit: delayed green flash (executes)

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