iOS Notification Widget just flashes red when clicking

(Greg Allen) #1

When I tap on a hello home action, the background of the icon just goes red and nothing happens. Is there any way for me to debug what’s happening?

(Marc) #2

I inquired what the green and red indicate. Basically, green indicates the action was performed successfully, red means it failed. Try removing and re-adding the widget as perhaps you renamed the Hello Home Action? If that doesn’t fix it, open a support ticket.


What does the Hello Home Action do? If it changes the mode, see this:

(sd ) #4

I believe if your iPhone is locked it does not execute the action. Once it is unlocked, I was able to run the actions just fine

(Keith Croshaw) #5

Yea may wife reported some failures when she used it. You would think it would just try until it succeeds.

(Keith Croshaw) #6

Ah that might be Apple’s fault. They might not let widgets write data while the phone is locked. Another reason why passcode lock is way to restrictive. Why wouldn’t I be able to have siri launch a music app when I’m in my car, instead I have to take my phone out and interact with it which is not safe.

(Marc) #7

I was able to execute widgets when my phone was locked. I just tested it.

(Keith Croshaw) #8

I guess it just failed then. Should keep trying in the background.

(Tim Slagle) #9

Yep, if your phone is locked it will not execute. I’m ok with that:)

I think there is a time out here. It will work if you lock and then instantly try. Wait an hour… Nope

(Marc) #10

I just tested again with a different widget with my phone locked and it did work.

(Tim Slagle) #11

(The fish is still dead.) #12

What other widget do you have that controls ST?


I use the IFTTT Do button widget to control ST. :blush:

(Marc) #14

When I said different widget, I meant another Hello Home Phrase. However, I was using the IFTTT’s “Do” app, but now I just use ST.

I can confirm a long locked phone does produce the “Red” widget response. I am working with support on it, but they are busy trying to tackle the Mobile Presence issue first.

(The fish is still dead.) #15

I’m pretty sure that’s a security feature, then. If my phone’s stolen I sure don’t want the thief messing with my lights or unlocking/opening doors!

(Marc) #16

Agreed, but it would be nice to know what the settings are and understand them better.

(The fish is still dead.) #17

Most definitely! For bonus points, allow us to specify which actions are allowed to fire when the phone is locked. =)

(Keith Croshaw) #18

Yea i’ve wished for a while for a white list. There’s a very small list of things I want to do without having to unlock my phone and it will not let me.

(Pizzinini) #19

I created a garage door widget: trigger the “garage door” action to turn on the garage door switch (it is a momentary switch so it turns off again right away but the door opens/closes). The widget works now just like a regular one-button remote for the garage door.

(Ace) #20

After the latest iOS app update (2.2 I think) I can’t trigger routines through the notification widget. So to be clear:

Phone locked: red flash (doesn’t execute)
Phone unlocked app closed: red flash (doesn’t execute)
Phone unlocked app open: green flash (executes)
Phone unlocked app opened and then quit: delayed green flash (executes)