iOS: Navigation from SmartApps to Things

Most of the time, I will head into a smart app to program an automation of some sort. Then, I will typically try to test the smart app by either turning on lights that it should turn off or possible changing the state of a simulated presence/button/etc.

The amount of “clicks” it takes to get from inside the configuration of a smart app to the things list is pretty lengthy…especially when you need to then go back to the smartapp for tweaks, etc. For example, it takes 3 clicks to navigate into a smart app. From there, depending on the number of menus in the app, it will take at least another 3 clicks to get to the ‘things’ page, possibly 4 if you weren’t previously on ‘things’.

Why is it that ‘Things’ and ‘SmartApps’ are separated so much? Why can’t ‘My Home’ function similarly to “Marketplace,” and have an added tab up top for SmartApps? Then we could quickly and efficiently go between things and SmartApps without jumping through multiple menus? After all, once installed an configured, SmartApps truly become part of my home as they are the gears to all automation!

Another thought…Opening of the hamburger menu renders the navigation bar at the bottom completely useless. If the hamburger menu opened in the main window, on top of the navigation bar, it would allow us to step back from the SmartApps page and immediately click things without having to worry about closing the hamburger menu first. It would create an action of closing the hamburger menu and bringing you to “Things” (or any tab) in one shot.

Just some feedback from my experiences with the app!

Thanks for reading!


I don’t mind the navigation but every click in the app takes about 2-3 seconds to register or go to the next page.
This makes the app a real pain in the ass to use. Click Routines > 3s > Click a Routine > 3s
Most of the time I spend in the app is waiting for the next screen to load - so slow.

Welp, it looks like they listened! I was lost at first with the latest iOS update, until I realized they renamed “Routines” to “Automations” and now inside of Automations there are two tabs, Routines and Smart Apps! Awesome! Thanks team!