iOS client (in)stability

@AlecM The IDE shows 102 devices.

I am still able to log in and use the smarttings ios app.

Cross fingers, hopes this last


The time it took them to post this on the status page is frankly ridiculous.

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Thanks! I’m able to log in this morning on my iPhone … so it looks like they are doing something about the issue.

Out of curiosity for those of you using the IOS app, about how long does it take for all of your devices to correctly populate and function after starting the app. Maybe I have too much going on, but it takes tens of minutes for my devices to show the correct status and frequently when I click on the device is does not function until I refresh it numerous times. The IDE website is almost instantaneous, which leads me to believe that the problem is with the IOS app.

For me, some of the favorite tiles and the same tiles displayed in various rooms show incorrect status partially. When I go select each tile individually for status everything is accurate. I try closing the app completely a couple of times or so and then status is fine under favorites etc.,

I suspect the issue is now bigger than just iOS. I am unable to control devices on Android or iOS - I’m logged in but it says “having trouble connecting”


And now it is magically working (for now). Sooo frustrating.

Quite a while. They are never all correct. Some come up quickly as correct and I suspect that’s because the cached state of the device matches its current state. Many of the others take a while. Custom DTHs seem to take the longest to get right. I’ve said that those who think the new app is fast in comparison to the old one - it’s an illusion - the app may show states quickly but if they are not correct…

Android S10 loads no quicker than the previous version either, if I open the app from a dead state, ie not previously opened the load times are slow and painful

The home screen (favorites) has been paired down to basics and not what I really want there and it still loads slowly

So it’s not just Apple devices

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It’s interesting that the web based app works significantly better than the IOS app. I do almost everything on my phone using a web app through a browser. This seems to defeat the purpose of having an IOS or Android app.

If only the web based interface didn’t log you out, I’d probably use it on my iPhone too.

I use facial recognition and stored credentials to facilitate faster logons. It’s not ideal, but still significantly faster than the app most of the time.