IOS app v1.7.1 UNKNOWN tile on one device but the other one works fine

I updated several devices to the IOS app v1.7.1 and now I have an UNKNOWN tile for one of my 2 Aeon HEM V1 devices. One of them works fine the other doesn’t do anything. It still shows all the data coming in when I look at the IDE. I am using this devicetype
If I switch the device type to the standard Aeon HEM type it shows ok. The strange thing is I have another of the exact same device and it show up and works fine. Any ideas?

+1 My Aeon HEM has stopped working as well.

I was able to get it to show up right after removing it and adding to Smartthings a couple more times.

Same issue with a mimolite on my garage door. Strange thing is I have two identical mimolits (Left door and right door) and one works great while the other is showing Unknown.

+1 zwave metering switch reporting unknown. switch to metering device and it works. switch back and still get unknown.

Anyone solve this? I just installed an Aeon HEM and I can only use the default smartthings device not the HEMv2 or HEMv2+ which do cost calculations.

Oooh got it… I deleted the device and then added it with the HEMv2+ device type via the developer console, notating the network id first.