iOS app on iphone 12 doesn't show the Art Store (anymore)

When trying to modify the art on my Samsung Frame 43 inch, I noticed that my iPhone app doesn’t have the Art Store option anymore. It connects fine to the TV and remote works like a charm, but it lacks the Art store, eventhough I’m logged in properly into samsung and I have the subscription of 5 bucks a month as well.
Trying the same thing with a Samsung phone running Android works fine…

Does anybody have the same issue, or is this something only happening at my place, since I’ve been searching the interweb for 2 days now, and no-one seems to have this issue…

Any clue on how to fix this would be really really appreciated. I don’t want to be forced to buy a Samsung Android phone, to change my art… (and yes, I know it can be done on the TV as well, and that works, but it used to work on the phone and it should again … )


Hi! Yes, Having same issues. App was offline and I deleted it. I guess it’s a new version and now no art mode. Changing on the TV is super messy. What a pain.

Im having the same issue on an iPhone 12. APP has been updated and now there is no option for the Art Store or uploading personal images for the Frame TV. Additionally, I’m having continued connection issues between the TV and the phone app. Wants to keep kicking too “Offline”. The only way to reconnect is to keep reinstalling the TV as a new device.