iOS App not sending push notification for HOURS

I’m rather frustrated right now. As of the past few days, the iOS app has become almost 100% useless. I have rules set then when doors open to get a push notification. A few days prior this used to happen within a few seconds. Yesterday, I left for work, was perplexed why my system didn’t tell me I opened/closed my front door. At work four hours later, I get a notification that my door was opened and closed. nobody should be home so I panicked, left my customer and checked my security cameras thinking someone broke in, nobody. When I got home I discovered that my system is pretty much useless. Lights no longer turn on with routines correctly, some do, others don’t. Good Night mode should shut everything off, half the lights stay on. I have to use the Hue app to finish the job.

Any suggestions, my system was perfect, now it’s more hassle than living in a NON smart home.

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I have tried the following, “repaired z-wave network”, when to the hue app and changed the Zigbee channel, made sure push notifications/background app refresh was on for the ST app. Power cycled the hub.

They were doing some back end database maintenance this week that did affect some customers, causing routines not to run. I don’t know if that’s connected to what you’re seeing, but the symptoms sound similar. There have been a couple of forum topics on it. :scream:

Definitely write to so they can check from their side.