iOS app 1.6.49 released (July 3, 2020)

Latest version of the iOS app has arrived.

Connected Service is now Linked Services

Adding the 20th room or higher gets the blank screen again in the Add Room section. What they had fixed in the previous version is broke again.

The incorrect date/time issues appear to be fixed on the Repair Z-Wave network screen. That was a bug that popped up in the previous version.

Hadn’t noticed before, but the Android app says that too. It is arguably a better name provided all the references to connected services in the documentation have already been changed (which seems unlikely).

Would be nice if they did a list of things actually added or changed rather than a generic overview. Even if it’s one thing I would like to know!

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Since the update, the app won’t connect to devices in the same room as the hub. All ok in the classic app. Not sure what to do; if they connect ok in Classic it must be a problem with the STSC app. I’m reluctant to delete the app and download again for fear of losing my room settings.

EDIT: fixed by renaming affected devices in IDE (then, later, restoring back to originals)

What has changed? difficult to figure out!

I’m curious what “support additional devices” means…

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New feature in the automation creator


You can also now delete quick control automations