iOS 9.1 public beta

(Blake Westerdahl) #1

In case anyone is curious, the ST app seems to work fine with the iOS 9.1 public beta that was released today.

(David Thompson) #2

No it doesn’t. Since the update I cannot get the app to open. It just hangs at the logo loading screen then crashes the phone.

(David Thompson) #3

I just uninstalled the app and reinstalled and it seems to be working ok now

(James Van Booven) #4

The SmartThigs app was updated to 2.0.1 the same day that iOS 9.1 beta was released. The SmartThings app is what was broken (for LOTS of people), and needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled. My wife is on iOS 8, I’m on 9.1 beta; we both had to uninstall and reinstall.


I’m on 9.1 and having no issues.