iOS 2.6.0 released 19 Sept 2017

Finally it’s possible to control Samsung Multiroom Audio (got the R3 and R1).

Peculiar way of control, and values are not consistent with what is chosen.

I tried to drag, hoping to find a slider, only for a new non modal window to appear forcing me to click “Done”.
Any dev care to comment?

the new slider control is…interesting. Thought it was screwed up until i realized you have to tap it and it opens a new full screen control.

Does this resolve the presence issue with ios11?


I like your optimism. No mention of presence Fixes in the release notes

I couldn’t resist the upgrade to iOS 11. On it currently, will report once I leave home if presence is functioning

Is Voiceover navigation better? Yes.

Is Voiceover navigation still broken? Yes.

Could a person who doesn’t have full use of their eyes and hands use this app independently? No. :disappointed_relieved:

Was this tested with screen curtain on? Very unlikely.

The way it is now if you have full use of your eyes and your hands and you turn voiceover on then when you tap in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time it will generally navigate.

However, if you can’t see exactly where to tap or you can’t control your hand to tap in exactly the right place, the navigation doesn’t work. All kinds of random things happen. The wrong element maybe activated, no element may be activated, it may go to a different screen unexpectedly, parts of the screen are simply not available at all.

If you create a new routine you get a message at the top of the screen. Once you have that message at the top of the screen, navigation on other screens will not work until you clear that message, but this is something that a person who is blind would have no awareness of how to fix.

I see a lot of good intentions here, but it’s still an app I have to pay someone else to use.

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I can aver that the presence issue with iOS 11 is still a present issue with this update.

Do the new sliders make it harder or easier for you JD.

Didn’t try them. The first thing we did was just run through the errors we had reported in the last version and we stopped when we got to the fourth one that was still broken. Remember I have to pay somebody else to do this with me because it is broken, and I figure I’m already a couple of hundred dollars in just looking at what’s been broken in the app for the last four months. ( yeah, I know: I’m an idiot. I should’ve stopped a lot sooner.)

So to be honest I’m not really highly motivated to check out every screen at this point. :roll_eyes:


Good question. Why fix issues when you can rework a dimmer slider?

I’m not JD, but I’m ok with the dimmer even though you have to press “Done” for it to do anything. I don’t get the done part. If the dimmer doesn’t change the setting until you hit done, would anyone really ever hit the “x” to cancel? How do you want to know if you want to cancel until you see what you just set the light to. I would not have included the “Done”.

I also don’t like how I can’t change the brightness on a device if it is the rooms favorite device unless I open the device. I might be doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out how to do it without going into the device itself.

+1 as the dimmer takes up less space now.


The new sliders are terrible! Neither intuitive to use or more convenient. Very, disappointed with them.


From my experience using a phone as a presence sensor has been an issue with every iOS and App version. I don’t think 11 broke it. I have 11 and presence worked for me last night and this morning. Using my phone since I started with ST, presence has been hit or miss.

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Wow, no I don’t like the way we have to use the dimmer now at all. Glad we have the option of custom device handlers to get rid of this. This should be simple and intuitive. We shouldn’t have to keep opening things up to get to what we need. These are supposed to be smart devices, let’s make the user interface smart too. I know that sounds negative, but now to adjust the dim level we have to open another window, adjust the slider, hit done…


Or perhaps spiff up the logo? :smirk:

Edit: just loaded the latest app version. I am appalled at the dimmer slider! This implementation brings nothing to the table. The slider can be dragged, but you must click ‘Done’ for it to take effect so you can see how bright the lamp becomes. What if I don’t know the setting until I judge how much light there is???

Sorry, Major Fail!


What the hell just happened? The SmartThings team destroyed dimming functionality. I simply cannot believe that made it through any kind of usability testing. Every time I think I can live with SmartThings, someone there goes and does something insane. Focus groups and usability testing are a freaking thing, guys.

Edit: The more I look at this release, the more disillusioned I’ve become. When I look at a light on my favorites screen, I can now see if it’s on or off, and I can choose to turn it on or off. When I long-press to open the device, I can see - wait for it - if it’s on or off, and I can choose to turn it on or off. To change brightness, I now have to click the dimmer icon, set the brightness, and click Done. Who decided it was a good idea to add three more clicks to dim a light? Even worse, who allowed them to trash accessibility? They left users who relied on this platform up shit’s creek months and months ago and every release leaves those users further in the dust.

Who reviews and signs off on this crap? Who writes requirements and tests this nonsense? Is there no one there who’s capable of saying, “Wait, do we really want to release this?” There’s something seriously amiss at Samsung/SmartThings. Why is the ST team STILL incapable of mature, rigorous (FUNCTIONAL and technical) requirements development, coding, testing, and implementation after being in business for 5 years and having Samsung’s resource for two? ST team, why does this shit keep happening over and over again?


The new slider control is not appreciated, it adds two more steps for something that was readily available. And the fact that DONE has tonbe presses ruins tje experience. Please revert this change.


Can you share the custom device handler to fix this?

Indeed it breaks overtime.

They are out of touch, I am convinced that they don’t use their product.


+1 new app control for dimmers is junk. There is promise though. Would be awesome if new slider came up immediately when clicking on light from devices. But we should not have to click done for light to dim or brighten also add color control access directly from dimmer screen.