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iOS 2.4.0 - Release Notes

(Kyle LeNeau) #1

We’ve been hard at work making the SmartThings app better for you. Here’s what’s new:

  • Brand new dashboard experience. The home screen of the app has been redesigned to help you more easily monitor and control your home.
  • Favorites. Select your favorite Things and Routines and they’ll appear on your dashboard. You can edit to rearrange the ordering.
  • Wallpaper. Customize your dashboard with a unique image that reflects your home’s style.
  • iPad support. You asked, we listened. Support for iPad is here!
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements.

Here is a glimpse of some of bugs we fixed in this release:

  • Arrival sensors are now displayed correctly on dashboard when unavailable. (MOB-965)
  • Fix crash when logging in with a SmartThings account (MOB-2894)
  • Fix Presence devices do not have a default images (MOB-2450)
  • Keep dashboard favorites in the order we received them (MOB-2843)
  • Update phone-as-presence-sensor image in the dashboard if it is changed in the general case (MOB-2812)
  • Hero tile state text is too large with async icons (MOB-2879)
  • Long location names on the dashboard don’t clip (MOB-2875)
  • Armed (Away) text update to match SHM (MOB-2876)
  • Hub offline banner shows on dashboard (MOB-2643)
  • Long routine tile names do not truncate (MOB-2866)
  • Font differences between standard and value tiles on things screen (MOB-2871)
  • Incorrect display of onlineSinceDate for Hubs (MOB-2669)
  • Better support for multi attribute tile conversion (MOB-2862)
  • Routine tile view layout when multitasking on iPad (MOB-2849)
  • Avoid crash on iOS 9 during state restoration
  • Fix Hero tile primary control layout when missing an icon (MOB-2863)
  • Update phone-as-presence-sensor image in the dashboard if changes between one bundled image and another (MOB-2812)
  • Update the dashboard when navigating to it (MOB-2780)
  • Use correct time in UK when on 12-hour time (MOB-2824)
  • Restore last selected sub-tab in Home and Automations main tabs (MOB-2142)
  • Dashboard is now much easier to scroll when rearranging items (MOB-2764) (MOB-1103)
  • Only allow rotation on iPads, for most views (MOB-2748)
  • Actuating then scrolling away a routine in the dashboard no longer leaves it showing a check (MOB-2717)
  • Avoid crash on initial login on iOS 9 (MOB-2793)
  • Improve performance of the location background selection view (MOB-1987)
  • Fix crash when opening some notifications (MOB-2723)
  • Enable iPad support for all build types (MOB-1979)
  • Enable in-app rotation for iPads (MOB-1979)
  • Enable launching in any orientation on iPad (MOB-1959, MOB-1979)
  • New dashboard turned on by default (MOB-2568)

iPAD APP! For God's Sake!
Important changes to Community Code Submissions and Developer Discussions
(Jimmy) #2

wow! Big release! can’t wait for it to hit the app store.

(Kyle LeNeau) #3

(Mark) #4

Wow, new dashboard. I really thought they had hung us out to dry on that one.

Hope nothing else was broken in order to bring this update to us. But thanks for doing this on a Monday instead of a Friday in case the update does break anything!


The iPad support is great. Thank you.

(Jimmy) #6

Just updated. So far so good! Will test out the iPad app when i get home.

(Geko) #8

The new dashboard looks awesome! I wish the same UX style was used for all other pages. Now the app looks like it was written by three separate teams using three different and incompatible UX styles. :frowning:

(Jameson) #9

Question about the iPad support. You can only log in to one device per account right? Otherwise the presence function gets screwed up? So do i need to make an account to sign in with my iPad? Or maybe I am completely mistaken. (which is true more than i would care to admit)

(Greg) #10

I use the same account on an iPhone and an iPad and have done so for several years. I don’t have any issues. Just make sure you add the presence from the phone.

(Jameson) #11

Ok! Thanks! Just wanted to make sure, I didn’t want to screw up the presence part!

(Robin) #12

Looks like a great update overall.

I have to say I’m a little gutted that you haven’t allowed device images to show on the new dashboard though :frowning:

My things page looks like this:

But the new dashboard ends up looking like this:

The only images showing are those for presence sensors :frowning:… which proves it possible.


Hey Robin,

My images on Android as shown in Things are reflected in my Favorites. Android vs IOS functional issue?


Thank you for this awesome release!! This is definitely a bigger news and release than HomePod! Just kiddin’

(Dan) #15

My “standard SmartThings” icons show up for me on iOS in the new Dashboard. Maybe it is due to @RobinWinbourne using custom icons that they don’t show up properly?


Thanks for the IPad support.

(Dale C) #17

Overall I do like it. :slight_smile: LIke the Favorites in the dashboard for sure and I can see future release letting us have custom background images? I still see the font size rending in labels of tiles not being comparable to the Android version of the same device but if that is the biggest issue that is a good thing.
iOS rendering of the same device type compared to an Android have the Android icons slightly offcentered and smaller.

(Robin) #18

Also, it’s a pitty you didn’t give us an option to upload our own images for the wallpaper, we could have knocked up some nice borders instead of being restricted to the 6 stock photos.

I say ‘borders’ because the vast majority of the image is hiding behind a big grey box and can’t be seen.

Few other things for a future wish list, I would like to be able to:

  • Change icons and/or use my own images for routine tiles, as we can for things. (All except the original few routines just use the ‘tick’ icon)
  • Rearrange routine tiles in the IOS widget (save me having to add a/b/c to the beginning of routine names to force the order)
  • Rearrange things in the things list (so I can dump all the simulated and other rubbish down the bottom)
  • Be able to upload an image for a device by default, whilst keeping the ability for users to continue using icons if they prefer (currently we have to mess about with the DTH which seems somewhat unnecessary)

Thank you!! (But not holding my breath lol)

(Robin) #19

Those are icons, not images.

(Mark B) #20

Hmmm … can’t seem to save my favs.


FYI: Kevin made a bunch of requests on the Android side and they seemed to be well received from kleneau, so I’m sure they will incorporate some of those enhancements. Look at the Android thread.