iOS 2.2.5 Sending Crash Data

After installing 2.2.5 I started noticing an red error which displays on “Things” briefly and says something to the effect of “Sending Crash Data” and then I get a blank things page. Not always but sometimes.

Typically it is practice to request permission to send crash data. There should really be a way to opt out or something.

Anyone else seeing this?

Yes, randomly.

I don’t remember ever being asked and there seems to be no way to change your settings. Maybe uninstall is in order. I have always seen the red error screen but it used to say “unexpected error occurred” I know because I always made fun of the fact that I really expect st to fail. Now it said crash report sent and I never noticed that before this release.

I don’t like apps send out data. I tend to refuse these requests.

kind of odd considering SmartThings has tons of your data anyway…

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