iOS 2.2.2 - Release Notes

SmartThings Mobile 2.2.2 adds a few new features and squashes bugs.

  • Various performance improvements to speed up the app.
  • Simplified the way you add Things, Rooms, Routines, and discover SmartApps.
  • Completely revamped the way you connect devices to make it simple. Now just tap Add a Thing in the Things view to start the pairing process.
  • New “What’s New” section to show off some cool new stuff we have been working on.
  • Moved the Right Menu to the bottom Tab bar.
  • Updated widget design to support iOS 10.
  • Support for iOS 10
  • Fixed issue where app would always open to “Things” view.
  • More fixes for users getting logged out of the mobile app.
  • Improvements to presence indicators in the mobile app.
  • Fixed bug when canceling room creation without entering a name.
  • Squashed some bugs that would cause the mobile app to hang.
  • Other misc. bug fixes to make your entire experience better.

So far so good with my app update. The “What’s New” intro is nice so I can tell what has changed. Still undecided whether I like the Add a Thing being in the things view. If you have a lot of devices that could be a pain to scroll down. What does “improvements to presence indicators in mobile app” mean?

Also noticed this low battery warning which doesn’t seem to be in the release notes, but is cool


I noticed the battery update option as well. @slagle - Let the dev team know this was a great addition and our appreciation. I would love to see it one step further, though, with an “thing alerts” tab or button somewhere where I can see all of them in one place…or a filter on the main list. That would make it easier as people add more and more things.


Nice catch! This is the first in a set of features we’re launching called Device Health. The next mobile release should step it up a notch, including monitoring for devices that are unplugged/offline/unreachable.


Do we get the same ‘love’ in the Androids world?


Yes, this feature will be released simultaneously on Android and iOS.


I really wish release notes and discussion on release would be separated like Plex does on their forum. This allows people to get a notice when a new release is available, but not get spammed with all the chatter about it.

You can. and then just choose to only watch first posts.


Hmmmmm… Didn’t seem to come with my android version… Or does it only show up when beneath a certain threshold?

Nice! :sunglasses:

Screen reader integration is quite good, much better than in several of the previous releases.

The functionality is all there and the navigation works. There is one consistent problem which is a lot of things which are really labels are marked as buttons, implying they can be selected when they can’t.

For example, everything in the right column of the things screen announces as a button, even though only some of them are. Here, for example, “no motion” for a sensor announces as a button. It’s not a big deal and I understand why that might happen, it’s just something to be aware of.

The “more” menu doesn’t reposition focus at the first field on the screen. That could be quite confusing, as a person who was blind might not realize there were any selections on the screen.

But all in all, well done. :sunglasses:


Just updated my ios app and so far everything is working great and seems to be much faster than before.

Hum? My app hasn’t changed whatsoever. I have none of anything that anyone above mentions? I tried logging out and back in again, but still the same-old-same-old.

It’s like any other app in the App Store, you have to download the update from the App Store.

@JDRoberts Buhahahaha! Well there you go…just proves once again that I am a complete and utter pillock. It also proves my wife’s theory that I have Alzheimer’s because I did the exact same thing the last time there was an update. :grin:

Thanks JD. Your WAF just gained 50 points with Her Ladyship.

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excellent update

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Nice update but when will we see iOS features such as TouchID and Force Touch?

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What I would really like to see is an iPad version. At the very least, allow it to expand to the full screen size. I showed what it might look like here:


Would you mind letting us know what the “threshold” is for a low battery indicator? I’m using a custom device driver on my Trippers that shows voltage instead of percentage so I think all are triggering because of that (voltage at 2.7, etc.). Not your problem - just seeing if I can figure a workaround or will just switch back to percentages.



After this update, there’s no longer an option to change the icon for a battery operated device. Looks like you can still change them for mains powered devices.

Was that intentional to support the new battery reporting feature? Or a glitch?

@slagle @Tyler

See something interesting in the battery power status here? :wink:

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