iOS 2.2.0 - Release Notes

  • This update enhances the authentication method of the mobile app. We recommend updating the SmartThings mobile app as soon as possible to avoid any loss of functionality and to increase security.
  • Version 2.2.0 allows us to move to shorter refresh tokens for authenticated sessions.
  • Fix crash when creating a custom routine.
  • Fix crash when changing password through the mobile app.
  • General Zwave exclusion improvements.
  • New “Automations” Tab where you can find all your Routines and SmartApps.
  • Routine tiles now update in real time if changes are made in another mobile app or in the IDE.
  • “Right Now” events update in real time.
  • Family list updates in real time.
  • SmartApp list updates in real time.
  • Tons of other behind the scenes bug smashes to improve the overall user experience.

Looks good so far- I don’t care for where smartapps moved as it’s less convenient but feels good in my little playing.

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They’re determined to give my thumbs a good workout, constantly moving things so I have to go looking!

At least it’s working (crosses fingers)



So far so good. I just wish you guys would fix the issue where we have to constantly re-add the Widgets every single time we log out!!!


If you haven’t already or you feel like we did a good job and want to replace an old one we’d love a review on the App Store! :slight_smile:


I think you mean App Store :wink:

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Sure do… thanks for the reminder :wink:

I like to pretend the App Store doesn’t exist. (I’m and Android guy ;))

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What happened to the installed smartapps that were under the 3 dashed lines at the top right? Mine are no longer there

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It’s in the Automations section at the bottom.

We moved it :slight_smile:


I never logout so curious what does “add Widget” mean ? Don’t recognize the term widget in respect to SmartThings app.

Widgets is a functionality of iOS that you can access by swiping down from the top of your screen. It provides quick access to certain app features instead of opening the apps fully. SmartThings provides a Widget that allows you to run Routines.


This is a better place.


YES! 10 chars

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The + button at the top of the new Automations page needs a voice label. Right now it just says “button.” I assume it should say “add routine. Button.” :sunglasses:


Got it, LOL I actually use that. HaHa

Love the new update…going the right direction. Tired of smart apps under the hamburger…great in Automations. Faster too, so far…

So if I’m reading your code and comments correctly it’s an issue with atomicState in the preferences block not working as expected (i.e not saving the parameters). I would also urge you to look into this, the scope of state and atomicState in the preferences block is questionable. Anything you save to them in the preferences block isnt’ available in the initialize() and other methods of the SmartApp

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