iOS 2.13.0 Released

The mobile app for iOS 2.13.0 was released yesterday.

The change log is vague, indicating improvements to mobile presence and usability.

I have however seen that the low battery banner has been replaced by a black dot on the top-left of the device name. Not to be overly critical, but why are such meaningless UI changes being made when other larger issues, such as voiceover not getting the needed attention?

That’s all I’ve noticed so far.

Edit: The My Apps section under the Marketplace still remains blank on a 10.1" iPad. Works fine on the smaller 9.". A clean install does not help.


I don’t have this problem.

Yeah. Good question!

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Noticed that in this version if you try to “remove”/uninstall a mobile presence sensor from the app nothing happens, just a brief circle and then nothing. @Brad_ST

You can reproduce this consistently? I am unable to do so.

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Yes consistently, tried it on multiple hubs with different mobile presence sensors. Same results iOS using 10.3.2

Are able to remove the mobile presence on Android? I am not seeing any obvious errors in our logging. Is it with a specific one of your mobile presence devices?

Yes it’s working fine with the Android phone, just the iOS phones have an issue removing any mobile presence sensor (tried 3 different ones).

For some reason my ST mobile 2.3.13 running iOS 10.3.2 is no longer able to remove devices today (was working till yesterday). When I tap remove it just blinks and comes back to the same page. I have remove it from the IDE