iOS 2.1.3 - Release Notes - 5/6/2016

SmartThings iOS 2.1.3 is a hotfix release which includes bug fixes, design polish, and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Notable bug fixes are detailed below:

Fix: Bool/Switches elements that use submitOnChange
Fix: Crash during cell reloading in pages
Fix: Adding user information to crash reports
Fix: Made the mode label in the menu visible on smaller screens
Fix: Crash when adding a location on small screens

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I was hoping that the Life360 issue would of been resolved with this update but still showing the existing error :frowning:

I was hoping that this would be resolved in the previous release :frowning2:

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I get this error when I connect between WiFi and Cellular but I hit retry and boom it works!

Yes, I know that it works after hitting “Retry”, but it is still annoying AF and should not happen. :disappointed:

I’m finding this is still unreadable on my iphone SE with this new release. I have to go to the IDE to see what mode I’m in…

I needed the mode displayed in the Things list and needed a way to switch between modes, so here’s a quick-and-dirty solution.