iOS 2.1.0 - Release Notes - Commentary

I have immediately noticed no power levels are displayed. I rely on this info to tell me when a device with a built in timer has switched off.

none of my status work. Power level in the ST outlet are gone and status on my HVAC is ???

One other quick note. The menu from the right seems to take priority over anything on the page. So, if you have a dimmable light at 100% you can’t grab the control and slide it left to 80% (it will instead try to pull open the menu). You have to tap at 60% to get it to move and then slide it back to the right to get to the level you want.

Page controls should take priority over left swipe to open the menu.

Controls from left to right work correctly. (The slider To change a light from 0 to brighter takes priority over navigating “back” in the app).

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I’ve noticed this too.

overall i like the new design. Definitely need the ADA usability and new bugs addressed. Open beta testing can’t come soon enough!


Odd I don’t see it in the App store.

Now I see why. Version 2.1.0 required iOS 8.1
iOS 7 users are toast!

Nah, seriously? I wonder what’s up with that.

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I personally like the previous notification as it served as an additional indication for me.

I have no use for the ‘Dashboard’. Therefore, it would be nice to see selectable menu items from which one can place / configure for the bottom menu. Thanks.

The new UI seems nice, however, to manage different hubs associated to the same account is kind of difficult, as you don’t have any visual (photo) stating the active hub (besides the name of the rooms), as it was in the last version.

@slagle - if we discover a genuine bug in the new release (as I believe I have) would you like us to comment on here or email support (or another team)?

Very much enjoying the new release of the iOS app.



so just tried the New IOS app…one word…lightning

Lightning? …

definitely email support.

I agree… Way faster if you compare with prior releases. Well done SmartThings.

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For most people, troubleshooting seems to be the bulk of what they do in SmartThings!

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This is occurring on Android too. Is another update coming to Android too to fix this?

I’m seeing this as well. Everything +1% on the slider control.

To make things even more confusing, I’m seeing Amazon Echo dimmer setLevel requests come in as decimals now rather than integer values (28.0 now rather than 28) which ST doesn’t seem to like (slider goes to 0) Anyone else seeing this?

Yes very annoying. It’s how I know my kettle has boiled and I can go make tea in the morning.

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