iOS 2.1.0 - Release Notes - Commentary

I’m really liking most of the changes in the app!

A few things I’ve noticed, though:

I’ve noticed the new preset colors for the Lighting Multitile don’t include the Warm White color that was in all of the previous releases (next to the change palette option). This makes it difficult for the devices that used the preset colors to enable Warm White/Cold White mode on 3rd party bulbs (it was easy use and detect since it was one of the first visible elements in the UI, and it set the hue to 16.66666666666%).
Can we get this preset color back? It made it really easy to enable warm white or cold white on 3rd party bulbs.

Additionally, I’m noticing that my device gateway is receiving 2 duplicate requests every time I change a color. Power, etc., all work as expected.

Any advice is appreciated.

You finally pulled the plug! I cannot believe it. Good luck…and happy migration.

Does this new build support the new multiAttributeTile value control for temperatureUp and temperatureDown? like I seen posted to GitHub

According to Apple’s TestFlight website […] You can invite up to 2,000 testers using just their email address […]

2,000 users is really too limited for you?

From personal experience dealing with TestFlight is much easier than HockeyApp.

I’m glad iOS has had a release. When are you going to fix the Windows Mobile app?

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I had devices disappearing from my V1 setup; ST doesn’t know why. Then I got the dreaded Err 101 during a z-wave repair. Then, icing on the cake, my wife left town for a couple of days. Ha!

It took me 6 hours to migrate 82 z-wave devices. Zigbee is slower per device. Now about 2/3 done overall. Running out of steam for today.


My Samsung smart power outlet stopped displaying the power readings on the tile. It was under the switch but it is no longer there. Anyone else has the same issue?

Yup, and the same is happening on Android. It may actually be there, but in super, super tiny print. Check these out:

Sorry, but I disagree. Particularly, I don’t like that Notifications are now hidden behind the “hamburger” menu. What was wrong with the notifications button at the bottom of the screen? I want less clicks to see notifications, not more. :frowning:

I would understand if they wanted to get rid of the bottom menu entirely to save screen real estate, but moving one quite useful button into a different menu just does not make sense to me.


I really like it. Only complaint is that iOS hamburgz are typically on the left. I know ST is in android land lately but it confuses my iOS thumb. When I switch to android after my contract is up it’ll get really confused. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s a good point. I personally don’t go into Notifications much since any message I care about I get pushed to my notification center on my lock screen. The only time I really go into notifications is to troubleshoot something.

The android crowd is complaining about it being on the wrong side too if it makes you feel any better.


Liz, can you explain the new color chooser? Looks like a main color selection square, plus a color temp selection rectangle on top and then presets below with white shades followed by yellow and other colors. Is that right?

Any chance the color temp portions will leverage the color temperature capability? The fake white shades from the color capability are terrible!!


Haha. Seems so silly. Glad I’m not the only one.

In addition to secondary_controls disappearing, I’m seeing strange things with the multi-attribute lighting control.

  1. The multi-attribute lighting control appears to be 1 higher than the level attribute that should be controlling it. Here’s a screenshot with that control at 12%, but you can see the level on value tile at 11%. I also have a ton of bulbs showing 2% even though they’re dimmed to 1%.

  2. On this device, I had both secondary and lighting controls. Now the lighting control is only half-width and looks awkward. What’s the deal?

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Clearly this has not gone through any ADA testing. With the latest release it has gone from being merely voice-unfriendly to being literally impossible to navigate with voice.

When you use the hamburger menu (by the way, the text description for this is “hamburger” I suggest you change that to “menu.”) it pops up the next screen over the top of the previous screen but it leaves the selection boxes from the previous screen. Only selecting them doesn’t do anything.

The highlighted selection box overlapping the gear icon in the upper right is the hamburger menu icon from the previous screen. :scream:

And this rectangular selection box is a dashboard option from the previous page. But again, selecting it won’t do anything. It does, however, prevent you from exiting the popup. :flushed:

So not only does that mean that you keep selecting things that do nothing, there is literally no way to leave the pop up screen without getting an able-bodied person to turn off voice over and then use a tap to change the screens.

So I’m literally done. I can’t use the mobile app, and I can’t afford to pay someone else just to use the mobile app.

I know this probably seems like a very unimportant issue to most people, but if you do have any interest in seeing SmartThings adopted for rental properties, hotels, or offices in the US you will have to address the ADA requirements.

Moreover, people with disabilities are a pretty large market for home automation. HomeKit gets this right, but so does Insteon, Wemo, Wink, Amazon, Frigidaire appliances, and many more. Philips gets it mostly right (their sliders don’t quite work right with VoiceOver). SmartThings has gotten worse in this regard with each major release over the last year.

I guess there’s nothing more to say.

@slagle @ben @david.mccrindle


This is not my sentiment. This is absolutely and important issue!

I am going to circulate this internally right away. I am going to try and get you a solution as soon as possible.


Totally unacceptable. I’ll meet with the team first thing in the morning.


Prior to v2.1.0 (1247) on iOS, I had everything working and reporting as intended. ST update the UI and we take a backwards step again.
“SmartThings iOS 2.1.0 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability.” Should say “SmartThings iOS 2.1.0 includes bug fixes and introduces some new ones for your perusal.”!

What parts aren’t working for you? Perhaps there is a workaround or other info that could help solve the issue.