iOS 2.0 App crashing

Same thing here iOS app would crash when I opened it. Tried all kinds of things to fix. The thing that did fix the issue was deleting the app and re-downloading it.

Is there a known issue with the app crashing on Apple Watch that I have missed? I followed the procedure of removing all widgets and all instances of the app, but after reinstalling the app keeps crashing on the Watch.

Mine’s working, but I haven’t done the latest update yet.

I did the update because of the crash, but doing so had no effect. If I erase all widgets from the mobile app the watch app will take me to a Smartthings home screen telling me to manage my widgets from the phone. Once I add a widget it’ll show as expected on the phone, but the watch app will just crash back to the main app selection page.

I will contact support. Just wanted to try here first.

Edit: just occurred to me you might be referring to the watch 2.0 update and not the Smartthings update. That might be my problem.

No, I did the watch update before, haven’t done the iOS mobile app update from today yet.

New thought: I don’t know if this made any difference but I did the following steps.

One) went into the SmartThings mobile app and turned off all of the watch widgets

Two) went into the watch settings app on the phone and uninstalled the SmartThings watch app

Three) uninstalled the SmartThings mobile app

four) installed the new version of the SmartThings mobile app

  1. went into the SmartThings mobile app and selected the widgets to display

Six) went into the watch settings app and installed the SmartThings watch app

Thanks. Support is aware of the problem and expect a fix with the next release. In the meantime they provided a temporary fix that seems to mostly work.

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what was the temporary fix? I did all of the steps above, and my watch app still will not load.

Straight from Support.

Turn off all Routines in the Manage Widget and Watch section of the SmartThings iPhone app (stacked dots menu in the top right > My Account > Manage Widget and Watch).
Open the SmartThings Apple Watch app so that it shows the “Manage Apple Watch from My Account in SmartThings” screen.
Close the Apple Watch app.
Turn on the Routines you want on your Apple Watch via the Manage Widget and Watch section of the ST iPhone app.
Open the Apple Watch app again. It will show the “Manage” screen for a second and then it should reload and correctly show the enabled Routines.

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