iOS 2.0.7 - Release Notes - 1/07/2016

This is one of the worse releases. Performance seems to have gotten worse, I am getting errors more frequent and the new functionality degraded the user experience.

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Can’t stay logged in! This is a backwards update. Horrible. I will be looking to buy a wink hub soon if this keeps up. I just hope I can get one if every St user gets them at the same time :smile:

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Hmm yes that’s another thing, every second time I open the app it asks me to login again starting from username to password

Not going to upgrade for the moment then.

As someone who came to smartthings at Christmas it does seem odd that there is no Ipad version of the App.

I think an awful lot of people - in fact I might say most - use a tablet like an ipad or an ipad mini when they are at home. These devices offer credible web browsing with a screen size that is workable. Mobile phones are portable when out of the house but their titchy screens mean you cant really read the paper, web browse, shop, internet bank, watch sport etc in comfort.

Come on, give us a simple ipad app. It doesnt make Samsung look very credible when there isnt one.

Oh and another vote for reversing the “My Home” mod - this is bonkers removal of useful function. Cant imagine what you were thinking. Perhaps you would like to explain ?

I also have to log in every day or so now. This just started happening this past week.

CES announcements about adding this to my tv. No thanks. Logging into two devices is good enough

We don’t need any special tablet features. Would special tablet features be nice to have some day?? Perhaps, but no one cares about them at the moment. If that’s why you guys haven’t released a build with iPad support yet, just please stop, and don’t even worry about it. The EXACT same app that’s on iPhone would be PERFECTLY FINE.

All anyone cares about is that every time they need to access the app, and their iPad is more accessible than their phone, that it’s orientation locked, stretched out, low resolution, and an absolute eye sore to use.

Just go into Xcode and check the little box that says the build works on iPad also. It might also expect you to drag in another higher resolution version of your app icon or two as well, THAT’S IT. It takes two seconds, and auto layout constraints will handle the rest for you automatically. While you’re at it, you can also check the checkboxes for landscape mode.

This seriously takes less than a minute. Any dev that access to a Mac and the source code should just do it. Once they’ve built it to an iPad, have a QA check it out. If Xcode properly handles all of the resizing of UI elements and layout adjustments (and it should, if the app was built by any sort of modern convention), then there’s no reason this shouldn’t just be done already and released as soon as possible as a regular update to the same app that’s already in the store.

That’s all anyone WANTS. If you’ve got some super cool tablet specific ideas, sweet. Just don’t hold up basic support over them, everyone’s had to deal with this horrible experience for long enough already, to have to further wait for things no one asked for.


Agree - landscape is really the primary feature needed for the iPad or any tablet.

All else is gravy - although reverting the space wasting and confusing hard coded, never should have been done “My Home” to the actual typed in location name would be a nice bonus. What a pain.

Don’t waste your time expalining. SmartThings is like honey badger, they just don’t care. :smile:

It took them two years to get rid of having to shake the phone to display the labels. It will probably take another three to enable landscape mode.


Yup… 3 years actually. That still leaves a bitter taste; and a big bald patch from scratching my head over the complete and utter lack of any sensible explanation. The unfortunate lesson it teaches us Customers is to never be surprised by a complete lack of common sense in some things that SmartThings delivers (e.g., illegible fonts, etc., … and zero landscape support – I know, I know … something to do with the grid layout that doesn’t translate to the swapped dimensions, blah, blah, blah.).

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Yes, I’m also being logged out regularly. Also, I’ve been having trouble getting into the SmartApp list for some devices from my phone.

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anyone experiencing HUGE lag times compared to before. thats VERY frustrating when you are trying to do something so simple just to update an app within ST or adjust a thing.

Yup, performance was definitely degraded with this release. It was never great to begin with, and now it’s gotten to an embarrassingly poor state.

i disagree. i think it was good to begin with. this release has a definite slowdown.

and i want to add this for ST programmers. I understand you can not at times fix immeadiatley bc there are steps to take to ensure what the issue exactly is, but i do believe a release will come soon or a erver upgrade to address the issue🙂

im a strong believer that bitching gets you no where.

I think part of the problems with ST is the inconsistency people are experiencing. For the most part, on 2.0.6, performance was acceptable for me, but it wasn’t great. There were times where the app would crash or I would get errors, spinning circles, etc. I don’t experience this much with other iOS apps.


found a trick around lag time selecting items in app. yes if right now you select an thing, app, routine or whatever, the app shows its working to get there. but takes forever if not timing out. well do this, for example.

click smartapp you want
hit iphone home button then open st back up
goes to what you want.
but it works and no delay other than workaround

as i started doing this, there was no need for the workaround for those pages

If I had hair, I’d pull it out. My SmartThing iOS app is constantly logging me out after this latest update. Every time it does, it removes the widgets from my Notification Center. This has got to be fixed soon!

Agree. This is DRIVING. ME. NUTS. Almost daily I have to log back in and set up the widget all over again.

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