iOS 2.0.5 - Release Notes - 12/04/2015

I now believe that SmartThings dropped GE link light bulbs. Everything but this is working for me! I just tried deleting a bulb and adding it and it would not connect

For the Aaple Watch, it would be great for glances and complications to be supported. For example having a temperature as a complication or the current mode displayed on a glance or a list of everyone home in a glance. Basically just supporting those two features then letting the user pull whatever info they want to display would be amazing.

And obviously support for it to be native on the watch is a necessity.

I have exactly the same situation. I have 3 nest thermostats, and 2 out of the 3 crash in the iOS app. Interesting that one of the three seems to work fine. :confused:

It’s all about routines. Fast access to routines so you can set moods, change modes, and trigger events.
Force touch is only beneficial on the home screen at the moment- performing actions without opening the app.
The watch app should load fast and allow for quick changes. Maybe even a watch complication to monitor home status.
I advocate keeping things simple and clean. The apps have gotten unwieldy and there needs to be ways to perform actions without a dozen taps. Seriously, that’s my biggest gripe with the app at the moment.

They are not officially supported at a moment due to a problem with the bulbs firmware and connectivity.
However, you should still be able to add them to the hub even if their device isn’t listed.
Try a bulb reset by turning it on and off waiting 3 seconds between each action. Repeat 5 times until it gently dims.
Any luck then? Anyone else having issues?

strange… i removed the device and added it back using the same version as @mbhforum and it crashes when I enter it with the IOS app. The devices are functioning normally behind the scenes. Later I will try removing all of the nest devices and adding them all back.

Ok cool. Thanks! I was able to removed and re add them last night.

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I removed all of my devices and added them back… same problems… definitely frustrating. at least things are working in the background. i just can’t view the device in the IOS UI.

Force-touch from the app: Fast access to a routine of my choosing (or a few) - FAST is the operative word. Oh, and maybe a “Stop the @#$! sirens, and disarm SHM because it’s yet another false alarm”

From the watch: forgeddaboutit - I can go manually unscrew all the lightbulbs in the time it takes to launch a watch os app. Maybe if you had a glance this would be better, but again - I want fast access to routines.

I’ve had them respond on a Sunday!

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