iOS 2.0.5 - Release Notes - 12/04/2015

SmartThings iOS 2.0.5 includes bug fixes, design polish, and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Notable bug fixes are detailed below:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed, if you mess up your login once and try to login again the app gets stuck
  • Fixed, executing routine doesn’t display checkmark on tile
  • Fixed, device slider
  • Fixed, status bar when firmware download is restarted via network disconnect
  • Fixed, humidity readings in rooms view
  • Fixed, missing icons on Dashboard and SmartApps tab

Great to see bugs fixed, but when will we see Apple Watch local app support and 3D Touch support for the 6s?


iOS app 2.0.5 release causing issues with mode change. It say’s it’s changed from Daytime to Night when it was supposed to but the Mode remains as Daytime. Don’;t know if it actually knows it’s night and is just displaying incorrectly or if it’s still in Daytime Mode. Anoither bug introduced?

This is just a small bug we have, if you force quit the app and open it up again it will reflect the right mode properly. Your mode is still being changed but it’s just displaying wrong. We have a ticket for it and I will make sure it gets an expedited fix.

We have played around the the source touch a little. What would you like to see as some creative options on both the touch and the watch?

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After updating the iOS app, I can’t see an option to update the Hub software/firmware anymore. Where did it go?

As far as the watch app, should run local on watch now that Apple allows it.

For 3D tough, the ability to change modes would be handy and allow for maybe 2 devices to turn on and off?

I have three nest thermostats. In the IOS app when I click into the device the app crashes. Happens for all three nest devices. Using device written by

I’m using the same device type and it’s not happening to me. Do you have the latest device type code from his GitHub repo?

yea… running the latest… i updated just to make sure… same issue.

you can try deleting and readding… i’m using the same version as @Mbhforum and it works fine for me

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I’m having the same issue, but only with 1 thermostat which I recently added. The other one works fine.

This morning my hub went off line now it is back but nothing is reacting. Anyone else having this issue??

you’ll want to hit up support for that. and power cycle your hub with the batteries removed.

Thanks I sent an email no response yet. I did power cycle it. I guess I can try again. All of my lights are on at 100% too. This is odd

Will the respond on a Friday night?

prob not till monday, but its possible.

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I have also been having all devices become non responsive even through app thinks they are, also hub shows green light but nothing responds, after rebooting hub and router it comes back online but 24 hours later becomes non responsive again… :frowning:

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That is exactly what is happening to mine! So I am glad it’s not just me :grimacing: wink here I come haha