iOS 14 release (September 16, 2020)

If anyone cares…

iOS 14 has been released. :slight_smile:


Me, me, me! I care. LOL! :grin:

So many new HomeKit Shortcut triggers…

Also camera stuff, including local face recognition, and watch stuff.


Setting time range for an automation with sunrise/sunset still has the bug where it sets both the start and end time the same :smirk:


Sure was, and now I can’t add devices any more. I sent the error report to create a ticket, and they told me to revert to a non-beta version. I said it’s not beta, can you please fix it? Plus, how would I even roll back? I don’t think I can. Frustrated, as I just bought 6 more outlets to install this weekend.

Which outlets are you trying to add? I saw some weird things pairing some motion sensors a couple nights ago. But added another last night and it worked fine :man_shrugging:t2:

Also…you can now add selected HomeKit favorites to the Control Center For quick access without having to leave another app. :sunglasses:


What’s even cooler is to use the double or tripple tap functionality for the back of the phone and connect it to a shortcut that does home control I can now run a scene by simply double tapping the back of my phone…

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