iOS 13 Beta 2 and Smartthings

Notification don’t seem to be working with iOS 13. anyone else try it?

Have you filed a bug report w/ Apple yet? That is the intent of a developer or public beta… to get feedback on things not working as intended before it goes GA.

I havent. But if the notifications arent working for only SmartThings…I am sure its Samsungs responsibility to update their code.

I use Apple products and like them, but It’s not Samsung’s responsibility to update their code to match another company’s Beta product.

I agree with @sidjohn1 : The best thing to do at this point is to notify Apple through their beta program. That way if there’s something that needs to be a public notification about upcoming changes they can let other companies know at the right time. :sunglasses:

You failed to mention if this affects the SmartThings Classic app, the SmartThings app or both?

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Push Notifications are hard to mess up from the app developer side in iOS and just because SmartThings is the only app you have that Push Notifications has stoped working w/ ios13 doesn’t mean other apps aren’t effected as well. iOS 11 beta 2 also had issues w/ certain types of push notifications that Apple resolved before it went GA.

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I installed the beta today and push notifications are working fine for me.

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I just removed and reinstalled smartthings and its all good

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