IOS 13.3 Unable to complete installation

Is the IOS 13.3 interface working?

More details please? Which app are you trying to install…the SmartThings Classic or the new SmartThings app? Can you post a screenshot of the error?

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Installation of the smartthings mobile app itself, or installation of a smartapp or installation of a specific home automation device?

If it’s a specific device, the first rule of home automation applies: “ The model number matters.“

So in any case, we need more details in order to help. :sunglasses:

I was trying to install Classic in my iPhone.
I later installed

I later successfully installed the SmartThings app on my iPad under IOS 12.8

It seems, however, that my Samsung TV
is not supported.

Is there an alternative app to SmartThing?

The classic app doesn’t support televisions, you need the newer app.