iOS 1.7 "Sunny Screen" and Device Discovery bug

sorry, no devices show up there.
I’m trying to add an aeon dimmer module. Does that device search also work with z-wave devices?

yea, it should. Strange. I’m sure you reached out to support, but I’ll let them know on my side too.

I’d say no, they did not. From what I saw in the descriptions when 1.7.0/1.7.1 were released, 1.7.0 had a bug/issue so they rushed out this “fix” (1.7.1). Doesn’t look like they had much time to test 1.7.1 and I’m not sure how they got this rushed through Apple so fast.

on iphone 6, running iOS8.3, i’ve got the smartthings app 1.7.1 and if i try and discover a new specific kind of device, the app core dumps. if i try and perform a general discovery on evolve garage door switches and smartsense multisensors, it won’t find any of them. these are devices i had and removed.

Yep – same issue here – “sunny screen” whenever I try to use Smartthings app on IOS 8.X

I can kill the app and it will open properly, but that’s still not the way its supposed to work.

It has started happening to me now. If I open the app, sunny field, force close and open it…life is good again. iOS 1.8

Simply regard the sunny screen as a moment of calm meditation amidst the chaos.


After a long and dreadful winter in Jersey, it is a welcome site. :wink:

Got some new motion sensors today (Aeon Gen5) and when I press the “connect now” button to try and add them the app immediately crashes on my iPhone 6. Out of curiosity I tried the same thing with a different device type and got the same result.

Definitely let suport know.
(If you haven’t already)

Should be fixed shortly, but in the mean time click the plus on the Dashboard and click “Connect New Device”. It’ll work from the main screen.

This may or may not be related, but in trying to add my new devices I somehow ended up with duplicates. I’ve removed them all to start from scratch, but they are still showing up under my “things”. Do I have to do something to refresh that list so they go away?

Having the same problem here. I just got a new motion sensor yesterday (ST motion sensor) - and every time I try to add it to the SmartThings system, it just crashes the app out entirely. Unfortunately, going to “Connect New Device” doesn’t find anything.

The only thing that has changed recently … is I updated to iOS 8.3 last evening.

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no. It’s manual. except because I’m jumping between threads, I accidentally closed the wrong one.

I can also confirm the sunny screen bug. I thought it was a location services bug at first, but it appears the app is locking up.

Same issue with both 5s and 6, and presence stopped working too after update sent a request for support this is what I received.

"Thanks for reaching out. We’ve seen several reports regarding iOS mobile presence issues and the latest app update. Our QA team is aware and we’re working to resolve the issue asap. As soon as a fix is released, I’ll shoot you a message to let you know.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.


Same here, ever since the uodate I get that “sunny” screen every once in a while, if I force quit and restart, I’m back in, but eventually happens again and my presence for my device is not working properly anymore, although my wife’s phone is working fine, so it is hit or miss.

Having the same sunny screen issue, with only one location. The problem with this is it seems to happen EVERY time I open the app after the first kill and reopen, and it effectively ruins presence detection since smartthings stops polling for my phone. Which really ruins some of my smartapps. How this oversight happened, when it’s pretty common of an occurrence, i’ll never know, but it’s crippling smartthings for me.