iOS 1.6.37 released Sept 15, 2019


Some nice updates. I don’t think bullet #2 is quite live yet. But here’s drag and drop on the home screen

They also totally re-did the home screen editing tools

The menu in the upper right is now labeled “Edit”

You still drag and drop the rooms and smart apps to order them, but now you can totally hide a room and tap into the room to quickly remove the devices from the home screen

Putting devices into a room is also no longer mandatory

I installed the update this morning and noticed a few things -

  • still humidity instead of temp on the default weather tile (come on ST devs)
  • all devices moved to the home screen and to get them hidden again I had to long press and hide (new way for favorites)
  • Smart Lock Guest Access insists on being at the top of the home page after app close/open
  • rearrange devices on home screen easily
  • when arranging room order the ADT room is roughly labeled as ‘DREAM_SAC_TMBODY_ADT…’
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I thought for a second they had enabled icon updates. My Echo devices show a speaker. How come you have that computer icon?

:man_shrugging:t2: They have been changing the icon design, but still no picking your own icons.

Icons used to change color between light gray and dark gray to indicate activity. Now there are red lines.

@jkp you can swipe left to delete connected services now :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t happen with this update but has happened since. I am back to seeing a lot devices as listed as offline despite showing accurate status. I have not seen this for months.