Invalid temperature readings from ZigBee devices when the temperatuer is below freezing

Is anyone seeing invalid temperature readings from a ZigBee device when the temperatuer is below freezing? Maybe its just my device thought I would check and see if anyone else is seeing this. Whats weird is if I poll the device the temperature is reported correctly. It only happens when it sends a report.

I have a few ZigBee devices outside that are reporting -10 today. Not the st ones but control4 card access ones with remote thermisters.

Patrick, are you talking to them over ZigBee or through some type of IP gateway to your control4 hub? If they are ZigBee devices connected to your SmartThings hub do you know if they are reporting their temperature with a ZigBee report (you know what you get when you bind to the temperature cluster) or are they responding to a read attribute command (poll)?

Thanks for the response!

They are bound directly. They report temp ranges from -40 to 160 degree f, actually in Celsius but convert to that range. I’ll throe one of my st contact sensors outside and see what it reports.

Would you mind if I took a peek at your custom device type? I would like to see if your binding to the temperature cluster in your config method or if your device is just reporting its temperature when the poll cycle fires and sends a read attribute command to the temperature cluster.

My devicetype just parses the checkin value from the device, so it gets parsed properly to F.

I am grabbing a temp sensor on an ST motion sensor to see what it reports outside, currently -4, will let you know.

My motion sensor is now reading -4 and it uses the built in st motion sensor device type.

-10. Going to get to -19f overnight. Shocked that these things work that cold.

Yea that is some crazy cold stuff. Thanks for the info stay warm!!

The ZigBee temperatures being reported from my devices are consistently correct, even in the coldest of locations:

I plan on doing a local temperature calibration at some point. When it’s warmer.

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