Invalid device profile specification with no details

I am completely lost - I get a error 400 while building my package, but without any details. Anyone seen this before?

AxiosError: Request failed with status code 400: {“requestId”:“7258709491559177405”,“error”:{“code”:“BadRequestError”,“message”:“Invalid device profile
specification for 23967c74-d512-4880-95bf-8aa2405c597b”,“details”:}}

Quite new to all this, so please let me know what info you need to help me debug.


Could be that one or more of the device profiles in your profiles folder is invalid.

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Could it be as simple as syntax or would that be caught with a more detailed error description? I only have one profile.

I got exactly the same error message. I had a typo in custom capability name.


Okay - seems like the same problem, but I have copied the name directly from CLI prompt. The problem is with either the reference or the capability itself, because when I change the capability id to a standard capability e.g. switch the problem is gone. Is it possible to have an error in a capability that is installed without errors?

Hi, @Meltinis!
It has happened in the past that some capabilities are faulty for some reason and cause issues when trying to use them but there’s no apparent error. Could you share your custom capability ID, please?

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Sure - beachocean55022.flipCounter

I found out if I add a standard capability in my profile it works:

name: profilename

  • id: main
    • id: “beachocean55022.flipCounter”
      version: 1
    • id: switch
      version: 1
    • name: Switch

ok, I did some tests and the issue is that your capability doesn’t have a presentation. It might sound strange why the profile cares about this, but remember that in Edge drivers, we can use embedded device configurations.
So, I think (because I don’t have all the information) that when we package the driver, the presentation for such profile is created if we don’t include one in the metadata. Therefore, as your capability doesn’t include a presentation, the process fails. (I’ll confirm this with the engineering team)


Amazing… Thank you for checking up on this. I will try to add a presentation and test again.

That did the trick - thank you so much!

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