Invalid Claim Code on new SmartThings Starter Kit - Anything I can do?

Hi there, I just purchased a SmartThings starter kit from Currys in the UK, and it was delivered yesterday.

I excitedly got home and installed the hub, and it has gotten an IP address and the lights are on etc. However I am following the instructions for setup, and inputting the Welcome code in my app, but I just get the error “Invalid Claim Code” whenever I put it in.

It says I need to e-mail support, which I have done, but why isn’t there a self service way to solve this? How long do support normally take to respond?

Why doesn’t the code work? Do I have a hub that someone else has returned?

It’s a bit annoying to spend £230 on something that is 100% useless until support bothers to get back in touch. It might be quicker for me to just send this back and get a replacement with another code, but then some other poor person is going to be in the same situation when they get the same one delivered to them!

Any advice?

I’ve heard that the serial number may work as alternative claim code.

Regardless: ought to get back fairly soon; but I would include the serial number and even a photograph of the serial number, etc., from the hub / box / receipt to speed up your request.

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Okay, I somehow had a US SmartThings account and that was the issue. So I had had to start from scratch with a different e-mail address and it now works for me.

I went to invite my wife to the system with her e-mail address which is and it says “please use a valid email address”. This is a valid e-mail address! It’s her e-mail address!

Why on earth isn’t that accepted?!

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I would bet ya £20 that the input validator barfs on “.one”.

Shortsighted programming.

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Yeah you were right. .one is not supported yet (despite it being out for over a year and there being 50,000 registered domains on this TLD. Not really sure what the benefit of blocking certain TLD’s is.

We are just sharing an account for the moment. That seems to work okay.

It’s not that they are “blocking” domains, it’s that the programmer was short-sighted and probably used an old input verification check that assumes the user made a typo if the email does not look like: x@y.(com,org,gov,edu,,ca,...). Where “…” does not include the newer TLDs.

I bet it would also fail on SmartTiles’s domain,