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Intruder detected whilst disarmed

(Paul Green) #30

Scrub that, male that £60 of phone credit!

(Stephen Hill) #31

You’re not having much luck with SmartThings are you? :smile:

(Paul Green) #32

Hahahaha… Steve, with understatements like that, I think WW2 would best be described as “that little hoo haa with Germany”

Thanks for actually making me laugh out loud… it may have been a warning of impending nervous breakdown rather than a laugh, but it’s helped :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Dean Smith) #33

@Aaron Sorry to tag you directly in this & @slagle, however its been 48 hours almost since I submitted a ticket about this without a response, funny thing was I submitted another ticket after this one and that had a reply yesterday morning.

I’m not expecting a fix, of course I know this needs investigating, however a confirmation of receipt would have been nice, especially as support replied to the other within 24 hours?

(Alec Howson) #34

I raised a ticket this morning with uk support. got a response within 4 hours

“Thanks for getting in touch - unfortunately this issue has started trending with a small number of users in the last day. Please bear with me, I am currently investigating it and will update you as soon as I know more.”

(Stephen Hill) #35

Got the same message from Joe on the UK support team.

@Paul_Green Happy to help with a little light hearted banter! Hope your luck turns soon.

(Alec Howson) #36

tonight my SHM didn’t change to disarm on my return from work despite the presence showing as present

new problem for me

(david) #37

After a couple of days working, came home tonight to the same problem as I had at the weekend.

(Charles Bashforth) #38

False intrusion detections again tonight. Presence sensor disarmed system but door sensor triggered false alarm. I manually set mode to disarm again went to gym came home and presence sensor disarmed system and whoopee no false intrusions this time. No doubt they will re occur tomorrow.

(Paul Green) #39

I doubt that effing thing isn’t even heavy enough to use as a door stop!

(david) #41

Got up this morning, oh I’m an intruder. I fact every single walk to the hallway now reports me as an intruder. I’m still within the time period when I can return this system. It’s very tempting, I might use the money to buy some chocolate teapots.

(Paul Green) #44

Unfortunately, until support becomes consistent, and actually does something other than “we’re collating reports” or “we’re working around the clock for a fix”, I find the forum more useful for venting - there is a lot of dissatisfaction in the system on the whole, and it is useful for me as a user to get a feel for just how much of a problem something is.

The fact a company as big as Samsung let’s one of what is essentially their hobby projects use their FULL-PRICE PAYING CONSUMER BASE as a sandbox/beta audience really gets to me. The only electrical item in my home which is not Samsung is my tumble drier… I have been loyal to this brand since they used to allow third parties to build laptops with a Samsung badge on them The are riding roughshod over us as a userbase, and you’re damned right it pisses me off. I’ve spent about £1000 on my smart home so far. I want to add to it this month with some more smart plugs and sensors. I hate feeling neutered… With no firm answers from the top as to what’s going on, and no road map as to why things are going wrong, how can I have any faith in this system which is supposed to monitor my home when I’m not there. Today it’s intruder alerts, but tomorrow, assuming I make the additions I’m planning to, what’s to say that a moisture sensor isn’t going to read air as a flood and kill my washing machine mid-cycle.

The other more annoying thing… The sonos link was obviously down the first two nights, as I didn’t get any alarm sounds… But at 5 am my three smart speakers all started blasting out sirens - my neighbours must love me!

(Andreas de Brucq) #45

So 3 days have passed and no response back from support on my ticket.

Have uninstalled SHM and re aded my setup. Have been stable for 2 days now.

Have tried Fibaro, Vera, Indigo & now at Smartthings. Only reason I left Indigo was the multiuser & alarm function to smartthings. So if it stops working no reason to stay. Any one tried OpenHab?

(Stephen Hill) #46

Anyone had any update, every time I walk around the house I’m getting notifications that there’s an intruder!

(Toby Blackburn) #47

I too have been having this problem and raised it with support on the 7th December. Mine was attached to a siren which fortunately I’d added a specific routine to silence in case of something like this happening.

The only way I found to disarm was to run through the setup routine for the home security system in the app, making no changes. Then it would disarm properly and stop notifying me of intruders (oh and having to clear the alert in the app too). But then you’d have to repeat the next time you got home and needed to disarm (I was using presence on my phone to activate and deactivate).

Anyway, this was the response I got from support back then:

Thanks for reaching out and very sorry for the trouble. What you’re seeing is a known issue I am afraid. We have a platform fix queued up, but it likely won’t be deployed until later this week or so.

Very sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll tag your ticket here to update you once the fix goes live. If you run into any other issues in the meantime, by all means let me know.

It sounds like it’s moved into the “or so” timescale, though I armed the house manually earlier and it appeared to disarm normally and automatically on return. Will try it again tomorrow and see if it’s now working again. Who knows but it’s certainly limiting my desire to invest further in automation right now.

(Greg) #48

Same issue here. We were just sitting in the lounge and I added the motion sensor to the alarm. Minutes later, sirens are constantly going off saying motion detected for no reason at all.


Having settled for the past 5 days this morning we are back getting alerts again. It appears the smart home monitor is stuck on arm stay mode and just buffers when I manually try to change it to disarm. The lights are going like a disco again.

Ticket raised

(david) #50

I just got this

Thanks for your patience - how are things working with the SHM now? Are you still getting false positives? If so, please try uninstalling the SHM and re-installing it. Our engineers have made a few tweaks. It should be more consistent now.

(Stephen) #51

Did you try this yet?

(Paul Green) #52

Mine has actually been stable for the last few days and doing what it should be. I’ve still got no faith in the product whatsoever. Currently attempting to batter PC World in to submission for a refund - if they don’t agree by Christmas, I’ll be getting my quill and parchment out and writing of my experiences to anyone who will listen… Starting with trading standards.