Intruder Alert

I keep getting this when I come home, Here’s the thing, when I come home my presence sensor switches to home mode and disables the alarm, however whenever i detect motion in the living room it tells me it’s an intruder, after about 10 minutes this stops happening…

so my alarm is disarmed but it still says I have an intruder… what is going on??? Anyone else come across this, is it me have i likely configured something wrong.

what you describe is a common bug, but 10 minute delay is much longer than most people describe. There are several existing threads about similar problems.

Ok, what is strange is that I haven’t had this problem for the 3 months and then all of a sudden it happens… are there any known workarounds?

some people count to 5 then open the door - won’t work for 10 minutes.

I don’t use SHM for this reason - that’s my workaround. Just allow notification of motions in the unoccupied modes.

There may be more specific methods in the existing threads.

I think I’ve managed to turn it off… I don’t really need the alarm feature anyway.

It was happening to me and it stopped about a month ago. The last several days the problem has come back.

Is there a way to get something else on the home screen besides SHM?

with the newest phone-app I think no, only SHM is present on home screen, until ST allows installing something else. SHM is indeed present on my phone-app.

You don’t have to arm SHM, or “use” it. That’s all I mean by not using SHM, is that I will not arm it - too much likely aggravation since I do not need ST security features.

Ever since I accidentally let the phone-apps(v1?) update, then I pretty-much stopped using the entire phone-app(v2?) at all because the tiled-dashboard-homescreen was removed. That’s what happens when I operate a smartphone while still groggy in the morning, “sure, update all” - so stupid. At least now it doesn’t bogart my monthly data cap.

I had a similar problem after I reprogramming my system after installing the new hub. I worked around the problem by setting the “Minimum away time (minutes)” to zero under “Someone arrives” “Additional settings”. It was like the setting was being interpreted as “don’t trigger until someone has been home for N minutes”, where N is set to 10mins by default.

I haven’t done any testing recently to see how this setting is behaving.

The auto arm/disarm works great for my the presence sensor - I never get a false alarm. However it almost never works with geo-fencing on my windows phone.

that sounds like could be @freelancemark problem, before he turned it off