Introduction to SmartThings for Iris Customers

When the Samsung smartthings button was first released a few months ago, when you were setting it up, you were offered the option to create an automation that would change the smart home monitor arms state when the button was pressed (in the new app). Later, this option disappeared. (After some people were already using it). I don’t know if it ever came back, or not.

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nope, never came back. They are still making changes to that automation creator, so who knows what the future holds.

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See, this is why I think that they intentionally took away the automated options for locks and smart home monitor in the new app. And they will eventually let us use the new “access“ devices ( announced, but not yet on the market) , just like you can use the ADT key fob with the ADT model hub, but neither of those are hands-free so they don’t work for me. :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah, I’m sure the Access devices play into it. Hopefully the Access Key makes it hands free.

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As long as it’s not one of those NFC devices that has to be within 4 inches or 2 inches or something. :disappointed_relieved:

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It should be plenty obvious that the presence of the ADT and non ADT smartthings options is causing plenty of confusion. Is the app and configuration the same for the ADT hub / devices as it is with the non ADT hub / devices?

If not, where can I find information on setting up and running the ADT Smartthings app?

App is the same, configuration is not


Yes they are very similar. There are a differences like ADT uses its security setup while non ADT uses SHM. You can always use third party security apps irrespective of ADT but they cannot trigger ADT security features. ADT can only be triggered via ADT certified devices. So there are limitations on how ADT can be used with ST. But apart from that the rest of the apps and devices work the same on ADT and non ADT.

See this topic as well:

Okay so when my ADT Smartthings home monitoring kit, and the added sensors come in, I configure them how? Where’s the documentation?

I am planning on self monitoring until I get the full system implemented.

I just posted a note of your other topic about the options you have for building a security setup. Depending on what route you take it will have different instructions.
If it’s ADT monitoring you can refer to the SmartThings FAQ page about ADT.
For other solutions, each has it’s own instructions on how to setup, but of them are fairly self explanatory and easy to setup as you open them up and start exploring/walking through them.
If you get stuck you can search the forum and you’ll likely find the answer or if you can’t you can always ask the community.

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Yes. Samsung / SmartThings has no intention of maintaining support and compatibility for the SmartThings Classic App indefinitely.

All changes to the SmartThings Cloud infrastructure, new development APIs, etc., etc., are designed to work specifically with the New App. Some new API functionality may still operate in the Classic App, but this will become less and less likely.

How long? Who knows.
Will they wait until “everything” in Classic is possible in New? Very doubtful. Stuff changes. Get used to it.

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I am a IRIS user now and I have bought a SmartThing wireless hub. Is this the way to go? I was liking that I could put the hub in the middle of my house instead of one end.

Thanks for your answer. I was looking for a clarification. No need to be a dik. :slight_smile:

On another note. I am a a subscriber of your tiles product… Which means this will also go away? Or is there an intention to try and port to the new api?

Sorry… I didn’t mean to be dikky - I was just being blunt and snarky. Perhaps even facetious.

ActionTiles is not tied to the version of the SmartThings App(s). It is an approved, certified, and published SmartApp which runs in the SmartThings Cloud (one cloud serves both SmartThings Classic and SmartThings New). We already have a lot of customers who exclusively use the New SmartThings App.

And, yes, we are also in the process of optimizing for the new SmartThings API.

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Awesome! Thanks for the update and information :smiley:

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Now that Iris has released the code to GitHub, are there any projects to get Iris gen 1 devices working on SmartThings? I see that Hubitat has recently released an update to support Iris gen 1 devices, but I don’t want to buy a new hub if these devices will eventually be supported on SmartThings. Anybody know of any efforts?

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I tried installing my gen 2 iris keypad but it didn’t show up. Can someone explain please how and where it shows up

You will first need to install a device handler before pairing your keypad with the hub for it to recognize it and then it will show up.
See the first post of this topic for instructions on how to pairs ZigBee keypads: [RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Centralite Keypad, Lowes IRIS Keypad, UEI Keypad and Xfinity Keypad Device Handler