Introducing the new webCoRE Community Forum

I agree it’s annoying… but ST were unable to fork the CoRE category into more descriptive sections (if they did it for us they would have to do it for everyone… so completely understandable)

The WC threads on here were getting out of hand… 1000’s of posts long, overlapping discussions, tonnes of requests for help getting missed etc etc…

It’s not ideal but the best we could come up with.

That’s a relief. I was concerned there was going to be arm twisting. I’m going to sleep better at night now that you’ve cleared that up.

I’m relieved. Thanks for sharing.

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No problem. I know how much you guys care about the other community members on here. Last thing I would want is to have you all worried that my health was suffering from a lack of sleep. You’re the bestest!


Hubless, how come?

You’re very fortunate to have such a open an understanding community administration here.

I can’t help but wonder if someone would be permitted to promote their their own webcore community or webcore related topic community on the

Then additionally use the PM system here on smartthings to conduct business processes - actively, not passively - as described on the banner that is running over at the webcore community.

If only all community administrations were so liberal…

Your sarcasm is unnecessary…

1st, webcore is a smartapp that runs exclusively with ST. It’s not Stringify that ties competitors platforms together.

If someone wants to talk about the relatively narrow topic (webcore) or rules engines for ST on the WC forums, they can. We do have a general discussion category. While it is small and not the purpose of the community, general home Automation discussions can be had within that category. People can link to relevant items and issues in that group.

Webcore’ discussions were getting impossible to follow being crammed into a few difficult to sort threads. The new forum is NOT for discussing all means of Smartthings or competitors, just simply for discussing webcore and helping users.
It’s not there to make money off users, it’s a free app, community created… no subscriptions, no hardware to buy. So why would ST have issue with it? It brings users and keeps users on the platform…

As to promoting it, announcing and continuing to tell users who post here that the people who take their time to volunteer to help fellow users, happen to be doing it somewhere else that is more conducive to those conversations doesn’t seem wrong to me…
Remember, webcore was developed by one guy, the rest of us who admin the forum are just users like the rest who happen to be very familiar with the platform and are happy to help and answer users call for help.

As to using the PM system here, ya we are. For one reason, to protect users reputations. If you have a username here, we would like people to be able to have the option to have it there too. Mostly because we had a user who started creating accounts there to impersonate users from this community who are known and have reputations. So if you don’t want us to do that, to try to make sure nobody comes over there and starts talking trash with a username of X10, and it’s not you we sure don’t have to.

These 2 forums are complimentary in nature, they do not compete. And again as this is a relatively small group of people in the HA enthusiast arena, we simply don’t want people trash talking using a screen name on purpose made to look like someone else.

You still have issues?

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Are you the arbiter of sarcasm here? I must have missed the memo.


What exactly is your problem?

Who said I have a problem? :thinking:

I’m glad that this community is so permissive as to allow you to do this, even so far as using the PM system to conduct official business. Most forums wouldn’t let you do that type of thing. In fact, I doubt you’d allow it at the community.webcore site. Not everyone plays by the same rules, that’s the variety of life. Your fortunate to have such flexibility here, wouldn’t you agree? Be great if all admins were so open and flexible.

But I pretty much already said as much. Is it clear for you now?

I fail to see how this affects you personally.
Is something causing you inconvenience or slight?

You resent the admins here don’t want to stifle a complimentary forum?
And I already said, we have no interest in stifling conversation on the WebCoRE forum. You want to come talk about a new feature on stringify or ifttt, come over and do so.

You sound like someone who has a problem about what other people are doing, but you have no skin in the game and just want to voice your disapproval. If that’s all, go ahead. If there’s something the new forum or its admins have done personally to you or impacted your user experience with smartthings, speak up, directly, and we will absolutely address it.

By the way is that you Johannes? With yet another new account, annoyed that we shut you down for impersonating users here? Just checking?

SmartThings is known for their openness. It’s one of the great things about them and why us tinkerer’s stay around and keep investing time and money in the ecosystem.
You don’t have to join the WebCore community if you do not want. No sense in going on and on about what you believe, what others would do and on how the (open platform) SmartThings community admins should act.
There are plenty of places to troll on the Internet, no since in clouding up the thread here.


Holy cow folks. I said it twice and you’re both making statements put my words at a complete 180 to what I said.

Carry on!

Seriously opening up BS accounts day after day to troll is getting old.

Seems way off topic. Don’t loose your cool.

Guys, please relax a bit - there is no need for a fight to the death, Mayweather and McGregor did that for us :wink:

Nobody needs to move to any other forum and I personally want to assure @X10 (hi anonymous buddy he he) that anyone is welcome to do on the webcore forum what these guys are allowed to do here. There is no competition, users have been asking for categories relating to webCoRE and I stepped in to help - there is no hidden motive behind the move. I will continue to monitor this forum just as much as the other. Again, nobody has to do anything, you want to create a user on the other forum, fine, if not it’s again fine - you will still get your question answered. There was a certain individual (hi again) who started playing games which led to the admins there thinking of somehow reserving usernames for users on the ST forum - this was not meant to canibalize the ST forum, but to provide consistency between the two. So @X10 please, why don’t you step out and use your known identity (I will give you the honors of doing it, instead of revealing it myself) instead of creating a new user that only has a handfull of posts - the five posts on this thread, at the time of my reply. There is no need to hide, we are all free to have opinions and to express them, either correct or not.

Thank you


Had to move home to get a better school for the little one…

I’m renting my old home (which I own) to a nice couple who will get to enjoy the full setup, but where I am now is a rental so can’t touch the wiring (and I hate smart bulbs).

I’ll prob only be here for a year as we are planning to purchase a second home near the school instead of paying rent for 7 years, so when that happens I get to play again!!

:joy: brilliant can you imagine someone who has no idea about ST walking into a home that @RobinWinbourne built, with everything seamlessly integrated. Would be amazing, from the few scripts I have seen, you must have it all set up to do everything! Your going to have idle hands then not been able to tinker.

Is there a reason you don’t you like them? At the moment that’s all I have going and RGBW strip. But I am planning on getting dimmers for most of the rest.

Wife keeps turning them off at the switch lol

And not worth the expense of the switch covers and battery switches over for just 12 months.

:joy: good point, yeah my wife kept doing that too! I’ve done away with the switch feed now just have a master switch for each part of the house which obviously you can’t do.
I see your point now they are a bit of a pain when you think about it. What needs to be built is a mains powered multiple input device that can sit behind the switches, as the only thing I could find that did the job was the 12v binary inputs but there not ideal with the extra wiring needed. But it seems there are more options for switched over in America :frowning: .
So in your main home did you mostly use the dimmers with the switch inputs everywhere?

Your be able to start form scratch again in the new home though and have a year to plan it! :smile: