Introducing the new webCoRE Community Forum

The webCoRE threads on this forum have grown to a size that makes it almost impossible to follow specific queries, questions are going unanswered and suggestions are getting missed.

@ady624, following the “insisting suggestion” of @cozdabuch, has setup a dedicated webCoRE Community Forum which is based on the same discourse backbone as we are all used to on here, so it should be familiar to us all.

The webCoRE forum is not intended to replace this one, but instead we want to see it working in harmony, with users taking advantage of the new categories whilst sharing links across both platforms.

Happy posting and I’ll see you on the other side!!


For those unable to complete the signup process on the WC forum, it’s because you haven’t completed all of the mandatory fields*

On mobile these questions are obvious, but when using a desktop browser the latter questions often get cut off (depending on screen size and resolution) :scream:

As the bottom bar with the ‘create new account’ button is in a fixed in position, you think you’re at the bottom of the page, but you’re not… all you need to do is scroll down and the final two questions appear :wink:

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How to turn off GE Z Wave Led Indicator after certain hour

And there was me thinking your were going to take a back seat for 12 months!!! :smile:


I’m still hanging about… just not commenting quite as much seeing as I’m now hubless :sob:

In for the badge :wink:


I’m in also. This program is awesome.

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I joined, as I need getting started help.


Great idea. I’m in.

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Can you pin this thread in the SmartApps category (at least for a while).
New forum should really help streamline WebCoRE discussions and it would be useful for users to see this announcement for a while

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Thanks! Just signed up under the same username. Glad to see an organized resource for webCoRE!


Nice to see the new forum. Will make info much easier to see. I missed being in the first 50 though. :neutral_face:


Bah… work filter blocks it. Just like the wiki and the actual service. Looks like I’ll miss out since I only do my reading on breaks at work.

The service gets an outright ban for remote access.

The wiki and forum come up as uncategorized, so maybe as content goes up it’ll get whiteflagged like actiontiles did for me a while back.

But for now… I miss out


Please add me!

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Signed up. Thank you.

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I’m in! Thanks chaps! :grin:

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No invite needed, just head on over and open an account.


But there will be nothing to complain about over there…


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Lame. So now I have to post to two different forums depending on what I’m using for the same home automation product.

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Nobody is twisting your arm.