Intervals rather then time? (1 min on, 30 min off)

I’m looking for assistance on how to do intervals for a humidifier I’ve got placed in my mushroom tent. Currently upgraded my system with a very powerful humidifier which takes about 1min for the tent to reach 100% humidity. I’m needing a 1min on and a 30 min off interval program. Does anyone know of a smart program that can do this?

If you don’t come across a smartapp that does this, the way I would set it up is to create a virtual switch and set up a bunch of smart lighting automations:

  1. turn the virtual switch on when the outlet turns off;
  2. turn the outlet on when the virtual switch turns off;
  3. power allowance turns the outlet off after 1 minute;
  4. power allowance turns the virtual switch off after 29 minutes.

These automations should trigger each other and run in a continuous cycle.

I did this by creating 2 automations for the same outlet:

  1. If outlet is on, turn it off, but delay this action for 1 minute.
  2. If outlet is off, turn it on, but delay this action for 30 minutes.
    As a result your outlet will switch on for one minute every 30 minutes.
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This is clever. :sunglasses: