Internet Security for IoT? Anyone using Bitdefender or something similar?

I was wondering if anyone is using some sort of security for SmartThings. I have the Bitdefender Box and honestly don’t like it that much. Since using it, my connection constantly drops and seems to become slower.

Anyway, I am looking for suggestions on how you secure your IoT and would want to hear about it.

Never use a default username/password that comes with a device. Change it to a real password.

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In the first phase of our home automation we did the simplest thing: we put IOT on its own network, no overlap with our other systems. That didn’t fully protect the IOT devices, obviously, but it did prevent an IOT breach from getting to our other data.

@JDRoberts, i kinda like your idea of having two separate networks. :slight_smile: if i can pull that off (i have an old router lying around), i can connect the Bitdefender Box on the IoT network and just install the internet security systems on the computers/devices on the other network.

… now, i need to research on how to setup two networks…

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You might also find the following thread interesting:

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Or two vlans instead of two physically different networks, right?