Internal Error on Developer Site

I can’t modify any devices - it keeps asking for more username and password repeatedly after any change and then when I try and create code or publish an app or change a device type I get an “internal error”. This has been going on for me for about 3 days on 2 computers with different browsers - I don’t think it’s anything on my end. I saw a thread about some system problems in the last few days but all is “operational” now yet I"m still having trouble. Anybody else having this issue? Suggestions?? I emailed ST support.

Unfortunately you’re probably not being bit by the recent platform problems.

Support is really your best bet at the moment, sorry that your seeing these problems :frowning:

By chance are you logged into SmartTiles? If so, log out. That may resolve your issue at hand

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It was SmartTiles! Thanks very much for that tip. I didn’t make the mental connection to when I first setup and configured smarttiles.

Glad to help, ran into that one myself. So your description of the problem reminded me of that issue (SMILE)