Intermittent zWave device trigger failures

Several of my z Wave devices intermittently do not trigger on or off as they should be. Some have stock, DHs while and others have custom DHs. There appears to be no set pattern, so it does not appear to be a configuration issue. I’ve tried the following:

  1. Z Wave Repair- no errors
  2. Checked for ghost devices- none found so far
  3. Looked at history for the impacted devices- seems consistent with what did not happen. I have noticed that the Bali blinds go “offline” randomly as well, and require the remote or a manual command to get them operational again.
  4. Looked at live log- I definitely have a lot of devices reporting on a regular basis and in debug mode, which could be the issue, although I’ve tried to back down on reporting frequency and debug reporting on the devices where I could do this (without modifying code).

is #4 the issue, and if so, is there a way to easily adjust the custom DHs to reduce network traffic?

What are the specific device models that are chatty? If they are energy monitors, those are known to cause traffic problems.

several outlets strips with monitors- Zooz power strip V 2.0 and greenwave powernode 6 . Also the JE/Jasco os and dimming switch (don’t recall model, but uses a custom DH) generates a lot of debug traffic and no power monitoring. And the Homeseer MF sensor HSM200 has lots of debug data.