Intermatic Zwave air gap switch set to cut power position for days, now won't work

I’m not sure what exact model number i have but i have 2 Intermatic zwatch dimmer switches that I’ve been using for years now. We had painters in our house last week who for some reason used the small manual slider to cut power to both switches. Now, even after moving that small little slider back both switches have no power. no lights on the switch blinking, i can’t even use the dimmer paddle to turn the lights on or off let alone the smart things app. both switches show OFFLINE. it would be one thing if they were just offline and the zwave functions weren’t working, but i can’t even manually turn a light on or off now nothing works at all.

is there a reset or something like that? i’m not sure how leaving that small manual slider in the off position for days messed everything up?

EDIT - ok i found out the name for that little toggle is the air gap switch. this was set to off for many days and i didn’t realize it. even turning off the fuses at the electric box and back didn’t help. any ideas?

Most likely the painters also managed to wiggle the switch a bit and some of the wiring is loose. It happens with older switches. It’s possible they broke the airgap, but less likely.

Cut the power completely to the circuit at the circuit box, Open the face plate, and check the wiring. You may want to just remove it all together and reinstall it. Take photographs before removing it, including of exactly where each wire goes to each screw, don’t just rely on your memory. :sunglasses:

very good ideas. just had no idea that leaving that air gap in the off position for a few days could break things.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, but that’s not what I’m saying. The airgap switch is just a button on the switch that lets you remove the manual control from the circuit. You could leave it off for a year and it wouldn’t be a problem except that the switch will not be available for turning the light on and off.

What I’m suggesting is that one of two things may have happened.

  1. while the painters were working, they managed to jiggle the switch so that some of the wiring came loose. That could happen with older switches, they may work loose overtime. If that’s the problem, you just need to turn off the power and then tighten the wires again. I think this is the most likely problem.

  2. when the painters turned off the airgap switch, they somehow managed to physically damage it, maybe just bend it a little. So that now it can’t reengage. That’s possible, but less likely. if that’s the problem, it’s essentially the same as if they broke the toggle off of a regular dumb switch. :disappointed_relieved: The switch would have to be replaced.