Intermatic PE653 Pool Control System

Hey JC (@magicshot), it has been awhile.

Version 3.0.6 is not the latest and in fact is from about 2 years ago. The latest is version 4.0.2 and is documented in post #831. I highly recommend that version.

Regarding the new App, yes, I have heard several reports that the DTH does not play nice in the new App. I have not had the opportunity to tackle that as yet. It took a lot of iterations to get the UI to a good place and I don;t look forward to a big rework there… but I had not yet heard of the decom date and that will be here before we know it. One more thing on my list…


Hey Keith, good news. I found it. Happy to pass it around, figure if I need it later you can pass it back. Let me know how I can get it to you, if you still could use it.

I am concerned that the ‘classic’ app is announced to be deprecated October 14. Are you working on porting?

Noticed you updated the app, need to carve out some time to update. Do I have to start over or can I just post the new controller?

Thanks, I have updated, but the heat shows as 254 degrees. The classic app is going away on Oct 14. My pool closes in about a month and a half. I would love to test the new app before the pool closes down. Let me know if you need anything from me.

@Barrett_Richardson, glad you located the device. I would love to experiment with it for a bit and gain experience so I can instruct others. I’ll PM you with details.

You do not need to start over (resetting/pairing), just install the new DTH source code. It actually has a slightly different name so both old and new can coexist, then just a matter of changing the “Type” on your Pool Controller device(thing). Keep in mind there are now 3 separate DTH sources: (1) the main DTH, (2) the switch child device, and the (3) thermostat child device. The 2 child devices are optional but do provide added functionality.

Pool Control Community,

So the deadline has been set on the “old App”. Looks like just under 2 months to go. I will try to make this a priority. I have not as yet investigated the migration path for apps from old to new. Any of you already gone down this path for other apps, or can point me at a post or forum with a guide?


To work in the new app, everything in the UI needs to be related to a standard capability or to a custom capability/capability presentation that you’ve created in the CLI. The process isn’t tough, but the documentation isn’t complete yet. Also, the new app doesn’t provide as much flexibility in how you arrange tiles though, so there are new design questions. Groovy is still around for now, so it’s not a complete rewrite.

I’ve been working on a few other DTHs and had some success, but then the whole system went down a few weeks ago. It’s supposedly back up now, but I’m getting errors that make me believe it’s still unusable. Even when it’s working, development is painful since the device and capability presentations are cached and only refresh twice a day. My advice is to wait a while before you try to work on it, and hope that they fix/improve the process.

Here’s the thread about the process:

@KeithR no doubt this was a great deal of effort and we now are at a milestone with ST where we all need to migrate. I for one would be willing to support funding the work and your time. I suppose somewhere here it may tell us how we donate for your time? I would be interested if you are willing to start a funding account and commit to a rewrite to the new ST app?


Have you had any luck trying to convert this for the new app? I am getting ready to close down my pool within the next few weeks, I could test if done before then. Hope all is well.