Intermatic PE653 Pool Control System

WANTED - Used PE653 pool controller…(with or without 953/enclosure/expansion)

Yes, I already have one, but I’d like to have a second for running tests and diagnostics without impacting my real pool. If you have decommissioned your PE653 or know of one out of use somewhere please let me know. I’ll pay a reasonable used price. As many of you know, I am trying to support two different platforms with this DTH, this would help.

@magicshot, I wanted to reach out and see if you are still monitoring these boards. I have gotten active again with the DTH, both for ST and HE and even made a post on the Vera board but I haven’t seen any activity there recently.

I expect to have a new version out soon that is more “version aware”. I’ve been working with one user stuck on 3.1 and expect to be able to give him full support, even though the messaging is different for that firmware. Did you have a Vera at one time? One of your posts made me think so. I’m looking for anyone still running 3.3 and I know the Vera community got stuck there for some reason I don’t understand. Any insight?

In an effort to ensure I have good samples from a wide variety of scenarios I’ve been asking for clarification on the physical configurations folks are running. You are the only user I know of on firmware 3.9, but luckily I have not seen any differences from 3.4. I pulled some old messages you posted some time back, so all I need from you is clarification on whether you have an expansion module or not. The messages suggest you do not have a P5043, but it is unclear on whether you have a P4xxx expansion or no expansion at all.

While reading some of your past posts I recall that you wanted the ability to configure everything through the API, and I have added many new APIs since then (2018). You can set the schedules and also the VSP RPMs now. There were also issues with controlling the heater and poll/spa mode for users with the older P4xxx expansion which the newest version will address.

Hope all is well, Take Care,



I’m trying to setup the DTH from scratch and I keep getting a “404 Not Found” when trying to copy over your pool control system groovy shown on Post #810 by “wildman”. I have also gone directly to your Github and used that link, same issue occurring. Can you please point me in the right direction for the code.

@chupp7711, try this link. I’ll investigate the other link:

Note to all: In post 810, step 3.4 please use the following link instead:

Hi KeithR: first of all thank you and the other developers for the great work on this project.
I’m very excited to be leveraging the SmartThings hub to control my pool (Pentair pump, filter and heater).

Everything seems to work flawlessly with one exception:

  • when I update the pool temperature using the intermatic remote control, that new temperature set point is not reflected in the app. All other actions on the remote (circuits on/off) are correctly reflected in the app.

Appreciate any help.
Thank you

@Patgarbizu, Thank-you for the feedback. Interestingly I just noticed this exact same issue myself just this past week. Many users rely exclusively on the ST App to control their equipment, but others, myself included, continue to use both the App and the Intermatic remote. I have made changes to make the two play nicer together. I expect to have a new release ready soon and you can look forward to a fix to this issue.

Great. Thank you and look forward to it.

@Barrett_Richardson, I was wondering if you still had the Suphammer sniffer tool? If so, I would be interested in buying it from you, unless you are still using it. I have some more sniffing to do and this would be easier than the tricky LINUX based route I went way back when. Let me know.

Hope all is well, Keith

I have it, let’s see if I can locate it! :slight_smile: