Intermatic HA07C

I received 2 of these in my last switch order for free I am going out of the country for work and will not have the time or motivation to work on them a 12/7 work schedule in a war zone keeps you busy. I am sure I was not the only lucky person to get these. I am looking forward to seeing how Smart things has evolved when I get back and start playing with it again. I will be checking up on my house remotely thanks to ST and kept notified of things home. If anyone else got these they would be great addition to ST.

That looks pretty cool. I hope it’s compatible with SmartThings. I’d get a three or four of them right away at just $11.50 per.

It is not confirmed but that might just pair with SmartThings even though it has not been tested. If it gives you trouble try pairing is ridiculously close to the hub (like inches) as I have heard those Intermatic devices use an older Z-Wave chip that doesn’t have great pairing range. Once it is paired the range is better but not as good as newer Z-Wave devices.

Well I picked one up off eBay for pretty cheap. When it arrives I’ll play with it some and see what it does/doesn’t do.


Okay, I got my HA07 today. It doesn’t look like there is anyway to get it paired at all. It’s definitely designed to be a controller. I’ve tried running through a bunch of different options on the device itself while having ST in pairing mode, ST doesn’t seem to see it all.

There are only ways to include devices to this controller and a way to copy what’s on this device to another device like this. Maybe there’s a way for ST to ‘fake’ that it’s copying data from a HA07 to this device?


How do you set it up to work with Vera? Do you ‘pair’ it with the Vera some way?

Thanks for that Geko.

Okay, I do have it paired now with ST. It’s showing up as a Z-wave Remote.

But, I don’t see any activity looking at events in the IDE.

Interestingly, if I hit the All Off or the All On button it does turn all my switches on or off, so there’s at least some communication. I might experiment tomorrow and see if buttons 1 through 12 do anything… see if they are “auto paired” with devices on ST.

That’s normal, the primary controller will not repeat commands. It should however catch up with the network state eventually. You need to assign devices to the buttons. Up to 16 devices can be assigned to each channel, making it essentially a scene controller. You can also activate scenes by timer.

Okay… a quick bit of playing around last night before bed and I was able to add a device (light switch) from my network to the first “channel.”

So, it does work with SmartThings… sorta. It essentially works just like you’d expect a secondary controller to work. Unfortunately, it isn’t how I ideally wanted it to work. I was hoping that the buttons presses would show up in SmartThings and allow me to use in SmartApps so that I can trigger programs right from the remote.

I’m going to do some more testing and see if I can get a virtual button to be setup with one of the channels on the remote. I strongly suspect that this won’t work, but I’m going to check and see. If my some miracle this does work, then I’m golden. I can just use the virtual buttons to activate my SmartApps.

I also don’t like the ‘All on / All off’ button. It’s just a little too powerful. It turns on ALL the zwave items in my network. My kids were not happy that at 10:30 last night I turned on all their lights/devices in their rooms while they were trying to sleep. I’ll have to look through the documentation to see if there is a way to disable those buttons.

But, dislikes aside, it play with the SmartThings network, and does allow for a lot of options. It has 6 on/off buttons, each of which controls 2 channels (there’s a shift key to get to channels 7 - 12). Each channel, as @geko stated can have 16 devices included in it. And it appears that dim levels can be set as well, so you can basically setup 12 scenes with this remote.

It runs on 4 AA batteries and includes two pairs of mounting holes for hanging on the wall at two different angles. Has a nice large LCD display

Wow cool it does offer allot of options for scenes and my two were priced right FREE lol can’t wait to get home and see what other toys there will be to play with. It is fun to show people me turning off the lights or changing their color and controlling the house through my cam app on my iPad from Afghanistan to San Diego it blows them away. Keep up the good work !!

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Can you please provide instructions for how you were able to pair the HA07 device with SmartThings as either a secondary controller or otherwise? Thanks!

Egads… um… let’s see if my memory is working today…

Okay, if I recall correctly, it’s a two step process. First we add the device to the network, then we setup to “learn” what devices are available that we can control.

First, put batteries in, and run through the initial setup according to instructions in the manual. (Pages 17-23 here: Then put the ST hub into pairing mode and press some random buttons on the remote. Eventually it should add as an “other” device in SmartThings and show up as a ‘remote.’

Second, follow the steps for “Secondary Controller” on page 37-38 at the above link. The screen should flash ‘successful’ after it’s be give all the info it needs about the network from ST. The first time I tried this it hung and I had to delete the device and start over from scratch. But the second time it worked perfectly.

After this is done you add items to the ‘channels’ on the remote via instructions on pages 13-15.

It’s important to realize that this remote will exist as part of the network, but outside of SmartThings control. That is to say ST has no idea what the remote is doing. The remote does not pass info like button presses to ST. In fact, in limited testing it does not appear as if state changes to devices are transmitted to ST either. For example, I have it setup in a SmartApp so that when a specific switch it turned on, ST also turned on a specific outlet. When I use the mobile app or the physical switch to turn it on this work perfectly. But when I use the remote SmartThings does NOT turn on the outlet. (SmartThings would eventually see the change as it does it’s normal polling and probably turn on the outlet later though.)

Unfortunately, I can’t get the ST hub to see the HA07 in any event. I’ve tried setting it up as a Copy RA (secondary controller) and Copy RS. Neither is working.

I don’t think you want to do the Copy RA until after you get it paired. Did you try just pairing without the Copy RA going?

Don’t do the Copy RS or TA.

Well, I got a HA09 now too After a little bit of work I was able to get it on my network and working. But oddly, I can’t get it to work with my Evolve Dimmer. All the other devices I want work just fine except the evolve dimmer. Odd.

You can remove devices from the ALL ON/ALL OFF buttons by pressing and holding both buttons simultaneously until the display shows “ALLSET”. Release those buttons then press and hold the DEL button…while holding the DEL button, go press the ON/OFF button on the module or wall switch you want to remove. The HA07 should show “SUCCESSFUL” on its display when the device is removed from the ALL buttons. If you want to add the device back to the ALL buttons, use the INCL button instead of the DEL button.

To add HA07 controller
Turn on include on Smartthings hub
Press and hold INCLUDE for 5 seconds COPY will flash
Release the INCLUDE button
Press and release Channel 1 OFF/DIM on the HA07 controller
The display will show “RA” (wait a few min for ST to add it)
Add modules to HA07

Thanks, that worked. But I cant figure out how to add switched etc to the control… there doesnt seem to be an option through the ST app? Help…thanks.

Try this out… PLEASE let me know how it goes. More to come…

How To include Intermatic HA07 controller within SmartThings Hub:

  1. First Reset Intermatic to factory default
    a. Press INCLUDE & DELETE keys for 10 seconds
    b. “Reset”
    c. Press (1) ON & OFF keys for 5 seconds
    d. “All Clear”
    e. … set time & date if you so desire

  2. Second copy network information from STH to Intermatic
    (include as “thing” in SmartThings hub)
    a. On Intermatic press INCLUDE key 5 seconds (p.28)
    b. “Copy” will flash on screen
    c. Release INCLUDE key
    d. Press & release channel 1 OFF key
    e. “RA” – receive all information
    f. Now quickly in STH iphone App add a thing….
    g. STH iphone App sees it as a zwave remote
    h. Rename to “Intermatic …” save as necessary…

  3. Now need to add light modules to Intermatic to assign keypad control.
    (repeat the following steps for each module you wish to control)
    a. Press ON & OFF keys of desired key# assigned to module/switch
    b. “Learn” on display
    c. Press and Hold INCLUDE key
    d. “incl” show on top right of screen
    e. Now quickly… to assign button to lamp module or light switch:
    (need to put module/switch into program mode)
    i. For Leviton Light modules - Press and release program button on module. Release INCLUDE key. “Successful” should display.
    ii. For GE wall switch - Press and release top of rocker switch. Release INCLUDE key. “Successful” should display.
    iii. For Leviton wall switch – push top of rocker switch for 7 seconds, LED will blink amber. Let go. Tap the top of the rocker switch, LED will flash green. Once paired the LED will turn off and then blink green 3 times. Release INCLUDE key. “Successful” should display.
    f. Now press the appropriate assigned Intermatic key ON or OFF. Light should turn on and off. AMAZING!
    g. Repeat steps to assign other modules/switches to Intermatic keys