Intermatic CA9000 Works

(Gilbert Chan) #1

Just wanted to share that the Intermatic CA9000 Motion Detector works with SmartThings.

These are one of the cheapest motion detectors on the market (although they’re a bit old). There doesn’t seem to be any materials on this so I thought I would try it out.
Surprisingly, they work out the box with needing to make a new device type or fiddling with settings (other than switching the device type).
Pairing wasn’t too bad, but the instructions it comes with are pretty horrible.

You do need to login to your dashboard to switch this to a ‘zwave motion sensor’ rather than ‘zwave sensor’

There’s no sensitivity settings on the sensor; however there is a switch to set motion duration (pulse, 5 min, 10min, and 15 min).

So far, I’m not dissatisfied with cheap solution.

(Ben Edwards) #2

That is awesome. Thanks @thegibertchan! We can look at getting this officially supported so you can skip the device type switch. cc: @urman

(Cory S) #3

Hmm, cheapest I see this for is 40 bucks. Did you find it cheaper than that? Monoprice has one for 30, and it includes a temperature sensor.

(Realsol) #4

Yeah, that is when MonoPrice gets it in stock… and then how many will there be once in stock. It seemed like they ran out of stock pretty quick.

(Cory S) #5

True. They are probably just trying to predict the demand for it before buying several thousand units.

(Gilbert Chan) #6

After using it for a few days, I’ve noticed that sometimes it does not properly send a inactive or no-motion event back. Not sure if there’s a way to poll the sensor for an updated signal.

Other than that, so far it is very workable.

You can also find these on ebay for less if you’re buying a six pack. Otherwise, individuals ranges about $20-$30. A cheap solution if you need to scale your smarthome sensors.
On a side note, any one know of cheap door sensors that they like. I’m being lazy for digging through the forums for it. :slight_smile:

(Spec) #7

I am a novice here, can you explain in more detail how you change z-wave sensor to z-wave motion sensor?

(Gilbert Chan) #8

@spec485, do you have access to the IDE? If you do go to, select on the device, and edit the device type. Change it to Z-wave Motion Sensor.

As a recommendation, I would use rechargeable batteries in these. The sensors by default are not configured properly to optimize battery life, they drain pretty darn fast. I have one of mine plugged into a 9v ac adapter (about $5 on Amazon).

(Spec) #9

Great got it to work and good advice on the adapter.

(Chellis Dodge) #10

What SW version of the CA9000 do you have? I have the SW V1.65 33B and I cannot get this sucker to pair with the hub. It just blink a red LED and double tapping the activate button doesn’t cause it to sync…any ideas?

(Spec) #11

Sorry, I gave up on this sensor a while ago and pitched it.